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The MAD world of 'Canna-business'

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Just few weird things that have happened since setting-up WHSpliff.net – the hybrid campaign resource/head shop, that may amaze or amuse you:

1) The e-mail cry for help & advice from the guy just busted with 2,300 plants! He went on to say, but ONLY 830 were flowering females, the other 1,500 were recent taken clones! I put him in contact with the experts: Independent Drug Monitoring Unit and gave him Release’s 24-hour helpline number. (Both groups are linked from the WHSpliff links page)

2) The guy who ordered 8 packs of 15 seeds – 120 total, I just had to send 2 extra packs with a note, “Way to go, bud!” (NB: Mr Plod – we do not keep records of seed sales)

3) The number of cheques, for seeds & grow-books, drawn on ‘Coutts & Co.’ (the Royal bankers) with posh country or central London addresses. Do these people need to grow?

4) The guy’s who’s package was returned, because he wasn’t in and didn’t call for it (registered post). I wrote to him twice asking him to confirm that he will sign for them, if re-sent. No reply so far, I’ll donate them to THC4MS if I don’t hear soon. Did he get paranoid after ordering them?

5) I assumed people would not wish to make cheques out to WHSpliff, so the account became ‘Mail Order Services’, to whom people were told to make the payee. Cheques start arriving payable to WHSpliff!!!

6) Stoners at work; The number of Postal Orders arriving that haven’t been made payable to anyone and sometimes with counterfoils still attached is weird, they may as well save money & send cash!

7) Stoners at work; The number of cheques that arrive, with no address details to send the goods. I send a note via their bank, so they are not disappointed!

Finally, no matter how hard you try to deliver on time, things sometimes go wrong: normally a rush on a different item, which goes out of stock.

Not a great problem with weekly deliveries from the main wholesaler, unless they go out of stock.

Most items are imported from Holland, Amerca or India - with UK stuff tending to be made in cottage industry style by stoners, so loads of room for error!

Great note on the wholesaler's newsletter this month; "After a major saga with our long awaited container from India - including the whole thing disappearing off the face of the plant at one point....."

Nice to know it's not just the Royal Mail that loses the occasional small pakage!

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