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Hey Everyone, i'm not really sure what i'm supposed to write here so i'll just make it up as i go along. :)

Clarke is actually my last name, but i prefer it to my first name so feel free to call me Clarke or Clark. I'm currently 15, will be 16 in a few days time.

I am from a Black Caribbean Ethnic Background, though i was born and raised in East London :yeees:

I enjoy reading, especially Teenage fantasy books about vampires and criminal masterminds, a few i've read recently: Artemis Fowl - Opal Deception and Time Paradox, Alex Rider - Stormbreaker and Darren Shan - Vampire Prince.

I also like listening to my share of music, i enjoy a wide range, RnB, Rap, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Jazz, Funk and even a bit of Classical every now and then.

Hmm, i could go on forever, but i suppose ill stop there for now :D


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