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Things getting on top of me

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These last few weeks things have been right up the right down.
Im working 6am starts every day including saturdays and have a second job on sundays too.
Things just seem to be getting right on top of me though,like a huge weight on top of me.I always feel tired and I havent felt this run down in my entire life.Ive got all these aches and pains now and sometimes my head feels totally messed up and confused,like Ive got no idea what to do or where Im going.
This week has been particularly worrying for me,I went round my gfs mon afternoon and came back to mine about half 10 but woke up feeling really confusedn and disorientated,dizzy too.I also felt like I was just gonna fall over without control.
Then when I got back into bed I could feel my heart pumping really strongly and I felt paranoid I wasnt gonna wake up if I went to sleep.
This happened this morning in bed with my gf while she was asleep,really negative,crushing thoughts that I couldnt control and I felt like I was gonna have a panic attack too.I also felt sick and nauseuous a bit too.
It just seems at the moment nothing is any good to me (apart from my gorgeous girl:D ) but everything else is total shit.
My job is a dead end where I feel Ive been unfairlly labelled so I havent got a chance to move off the total boring department Im on now to another one with better shifts so Im not so tired all the time.I want to quit but need the money and think it would be wankish to do so in this recession.All I sem to do is work,work work and if Im not working Im worrying whether Im getting enough sleep or whether this is right or that is ok etc.
I cant seem to just sit and chill or rather I dont seem to have the time to sit and chill,Im always seeming to go and do all the goddam time.
I want some time to myself but also want to get onto another department at work to change my shitty shifts and do something I want to do.
I keep getting these strange sensations in my testicle too,not in it itself but seems like it feels like its on the veins running into it and kind of down the side of my bladder type area.Its also really sensitive,much more than the other one.
I dunno,I just feel totally run down and lifeless,aches ad pains,no energy and always tired,I just want to be happy like I used to be but all I seem to do is worry and work.


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    Gosh, you are totally overworked! You know you can't keep going like this. For years I worked myself into the ground, working 9 to 6 & teaching nightclasses 2 or even 3 nights a week. It was mad. I can't do it anymore. there comes a time when your body tells you enough is enough & your body is telling you to stop. You need to go to your doctor & tell him everything. You could get a sick cert for a week to get your thoughts together? Are you due annual leave? try to take some time off somehow, before you get ill and can't work at all! Good luck hope things work out!
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    Hey Dark X,

    Sorry to hear your so off form theses days. Thanks for bringing this to the forum, we hope you'll find some help:)

    Like navyblue has said, it sounds like your body is trying to tell you something, it maybe an idea to go and see you GP for a medical and tell them how your feeling before things escalate.
    Here is some information on stress and anxiety , you may find this informative in identifying your feelings and a way forward.

    Good luck with it all and keep posting:wave:
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    Yeh, sounds like the symptoms of stress, you should get it checked out by the doc to put you mind at rest and formulate an action plan to tackle it.
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