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mother was wrongly evicted

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My mother-in-law was up in Minnesota, while she was gone the landlord changed the locks and thru her belongings out in a dumpster and destroyed a lot of it. There was no eviction served through the courts, the police were contacted and they did not do anything to help. In fact they made her leave. Any help please.


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    Hi BethandAllen,

    I'm afriad I'm not at all an expert in Minnesota housing law, but I'll do my best to help you - it sounds like a terrible situation your mother is in.

    This factsheet explains why her landlord's actions were illegal: a landlord has to issue written warning of something called an 'unlawful detainer' if they want to evict someone, and must go through a court hearing.

    Can she contact a 'tenant's rights advocate' through the local yellow pages? There may be a local Tenants Rights Association that can help her, too, if the police are being unhelpful.

    There are lots of resources listed at the bottom of this official factsheet on Tenants and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities.

    I also found this at the website of the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General:

    If you need help in settling a dispute or have a question about a lease, you may wish to utilize the following resources:
    * Tenants living outside the City of Minneapolis may contact HOME Line at (612) 728 5767 or (866) 866-3546 (Greater Minnesota), or at www.homelinemn.org.
    * Tenants who live in the City of Minneapolis may contact the Minnesota Tenants Union at (612) 874 5733, or via e-mail at [email protected].
    * The Minnesota Legal Services Coalition (MLSC) provides legal assistance to lower income Minnesotans. You may contact MLSC at www.lawhelpMN.org to identify a MLSC location near you.

    I know it's a lot of work and the legal processes are often intentionally intimidating for people like you and I, but I really think it's worth doing the research on your mother's behalf and helping to fight the eviction or even to win damages. What are your thoughts?

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