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Anything Goes user guide (please read)

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Anything goes

This is the place to post your jokes, gossip, and anything that doesn't belong in the other forums. If it belongs in another forum such as entertainment, health, relatioships, or sex, we will move it, so try to put it in the right forum in the first place!

Using these boards to post spam or to ask for help with projects, surveys or any other activity is not permitted without first obtaining permission from either jim@thesite.org or hannah@thesite.org.

If you are new to these boards

Read this and introduce yourself to the rest of the board users here.

As you will all have read the rules upon signing up you will know we are not tolerant of certain behaviour:

1. Please respect the opinions of others. Just because you don't agree, doesn't give you the right to make personal attacks on that person.

2. Racist, hateful, defamatory or otherwise illegal posts are not suitable.

3. If you feel the need to post quotes from other sources or sites, please also publish the URL of where you found it.

4. However, please don't publish links to inappropriate websites (hateful, defamatory, illegal etc).

5. If you want to post photos, make them small, or just post the link. Large photos will be deleted.

6. We will ban people who continually refuse to work within these rules. If you don't like it, there are plenty of other places to have your say on the web.

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