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my social standing

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Hello all, I am new to this site, and love it! I posted a longer note in the wrong thread category....under "web".....and it is called "methadone and the social stigma"...please read it if you get a chance and I would love feedback!

Sincerely, LOUBOY aka psionicky@yahoo.com :cool:


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    80% morrocan roll!
    going down by the post....

    Is there anything socially valid that methodone is used for? If so you could claim to be using it for that (whatever that may be).

    Other than that i guess your only option is to educate the people that are treating you unfairly. Easier said than done, as most people don't like being educated. Look how school kids behave if you don't beleive me...
    I guess thats why place's like this are good -> Non-compulsery education :)

    heh, thesite.org, the young persons choice for higher education.
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    am pleased to be receiving replies

    I sent morrocan roll a p.m. but wanted to post thanks here too. I have the tv (I love it when you folks say telly!) on here in my apartment (flat)...(actually...it tilts to the north a bit, so my flat isn't flat, lol) and see that Mick Jagger is getting a Knighthood....and wonder ...why all the fuss? He did drugs, sure, but hey, Sir Paul McCartney (and I love the Beatles music still!) sang Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds...and was busted for pot....

    Is it (controversy) over Sir Paul and Sir Elton John and Sir Bob Geldoff being charitable, and M.J. merely being a successful artist? Or is it his many children born to women he slept with a few times?

    I personally echo the sentiment "long live the Queen"....as she personifies grace, dignity, and that aura of regal mystery and charm (although Her critics seem to say this makes her cold and unempathetic....) I disagree.....Just look at the strength and stamina of Her! Her mother (mum!) lived to be 101! And coherent as a centurian to boot! As irreplaceable as Princess Diana is (because noone is fit to fill her shoes....assume her former title, maybe...), Queen Elizabeth II is the last of a long and proud lineage. This topic is drifting from drugs, but I hope it gets posted...
    As a citizen of the USA, we wonder if there is hope for the monarchy in the future....I was so impressed that Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi played "Paranoid" at Buckingham Palace! (I saw though...that the artist allowed INSIDE was Sir Elton John...but hey, that's a heavy piano!) Any folks in the U.K. wish to share your opinions with me? For those who read my posts that introduced myself, and explained my current life situations re:methadone I welcome more e-mails!

    In closing, to quote O.O., "Long live the Queen!"

    Sincerely, Louis (Louboy) (not Loudboy, morrocan roll...lol)
    psionicky@yahoo.com :cool:
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    hey lou boy...i meant all i said and i am who and what i said..despite the spitefull guy who calls himself scum trying to convince the world i'm a complete arseole.....i will pm you again within 24hrs and talk further about the councelling re addiction and stuff. hope your well and seeing through some of the intentional entertainment between the serious help, advice and compassion thats available on here from many of the posters.
    speak to you soon. thanks for the ees meat and others..i get high i like a laugh. the educated folk on here were jumping all over my obvious lack of education but even some of them were thinking twice......thanks for being good sports..you know who you are! and J you can keep your hands of my friggin couch and who ever it was who wanted my arse...maybe next time i dress up as a woman aye? its difficult knowing who replied to what now all my posts have been wiped! but here i is......just waiting for the inevitable attack from brum scum....i can take it..i'm only virtual!
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