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My boss is making me having sleepless night

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I just moved on to a new role. I thought I have a superb boss but it turn out to be very superficial. He is individualistic, self centered and it is very difficult for me to voice fy concern. Most of the time he will talk and talk and talk non stop and never allow the chance for me to speak up.

I was assigned to peanuts job which does not gives me the visibility. And in a number of instances, he embarassed me during the meeting and most of the time treat me as invinsible. He gives me the feeling that I am not need or not required in the team.

Once I was assigned a very important task by the big boss. When he came to know about it, he came out with a plan and slowly push me away from the job. Besides, whatever information that he received, he will keep it for his own use and not will not shared. Hence, it makes things difficult for me as i do not have the information to work on.

He mentioned that he wants me to be out of the project. Reason being, to protect me from being overloaded with work. But the thing is that, he is not giving me sufficient job or proper guidance which makes me demotivated and lose sense of direction. In addition, his words and actions are not in sync. This makes me feel depressed.

I tried talking to him but he ignored. The way he acts in my view is he is trying to proof his existence or he is a superhero that knows everything in the organisation. What should I do? I can't change him.


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    Sorry to hear about it. Are you male/female? What age are you and your boss?
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    Your Boss sounds liks a complete ass. what a male chauvanist pig! I Hate men like that. I would keep a record of times, dates & what exactly he is saying to you! I experienced this in a previous job, but it was from other women. Everything from being shouted at to ignored! Talking to him obviously isn't working- and I think he's trying to grind you down, so you can't do your work properly, and then you get in trouble! Thats what happened with me! The bully where I worked was such a bitch, she even managed to get herself the position of anti bullying officer! what a joke! I left then as the place wasn't worth the hassel! I know another friend that got treated badly too, she actually threatned to take action (law suit) with all the records of events that happened & her circumstances improved immediately. Stand up to him ( and keep talking over him) no matter how nervous you are of the confrontation, it's the only way to sort it out. Good luck!
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