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Landlord troubles

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At the moment I am living in a Houseshare with 2 other people My landlord has been threatening to kick me out if I dont pay a certain amount this week even though I'm 2 weeks in arrears he has already taken property of me including 2 psp and games which I believe is not lawful, He also chucked several of my belongings including Clothes and kitchen Items away!

well thats the end of my questions today I had a visit of his landlords saying he is subletting the place to us and he is 3 months behind in the rent! leaving me unsure what I should do? please advise


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi 2smooth :wave:

    All sounds like a bit of a nightmare; sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble.:banghead: You’re right that you probably need some expert advice right now so that you know exactly where you stand. It’s good that you’re looking for this as it’s very easy to feel intimidated by people if you don’t know your rights. Hopefully these links will help you to get the information you need to resolve this properly.

    Have a look at this section on renting on TheSite.org – there’s lots of articles that might be helpful, especially the ones on common landlord problems and this article on illegal eviction (this article actually suggests that interfering with your property is harassment so it is definitely worth following this up).

    For expert advice about your specific situation, it might be worth visiting your local Citizens Advice Bureau and speaking to an advisor there. You can search for your local bureau by filling in your postcode in the search on the left of the page linked to above. Take your contract with you and, if you can, it might be worth sitting down with your housemates and trying to make a list of all the incidents that have taken place and the dates that these happened. This might help an advisor understand your situation and would help you to explain things to them clearly.

    Hope this helps a bit; good luck with it and keep posting!
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