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I've done a Wellness Recovery Action Plan at Mind.

Just wondering if anyone has any general ideas on staying well and happiness that I could add to my folder

I had psychosis twice at university, but now feel loads better.

Long story, but my understanding is bullying as a teenager and not talking about feelings led to to it. The Dr said I was repressed.

Anyway now my esteem and confidence are a lot better and I've done well making friends and done ok with girls...the university experience and post-university experience have helped a lot !

Last year someone at MIND said that the bullies were jealous of me - didn't quite guess that and I believed all their criticisms of my personality, appearance and chances of getting a girlfriend. I think it's mainly been wanting a girlfriend and not believing this could happen that made me ill.

But it's in the past and i've done ok with girls now.

But if anyone has any general ideas that might help me that would be good.

It's weird how life changes....I just can't believe I believed what I was told and then evidence started to point to the opposite conclusion of what they were saying !!

Bullying should be eradicated !


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    Its great to hear that your esteem and confidence have improved, and I hope you can fully put the bullying behind you and move on with your life, and it sounds like you are definitely making positive steps towards this :yes:

    Right, a few things from me, some may seem quite obvious. Things you can do when you're not feeling that great, and/or things to include in your daily routine.

    *First of all - your physical health. If you feel rubbish, say for example you're ill, you can feel pretty crap emotionally. Also if you're tired / stuck inside / not eating enough of the right things / not getting enough exercise it can make you more irritable and little things that wouldn't affect you normally can turn into big issues.

    *Be creative every once in a while - Keeps you busy but challenges you to do something productive. Doesn't matter about the outcome, just the process of doing something creative.

    *Social / leisure time - Get out, do what you enjoy doing and meet with friends! Even if you really don't feel like going out that day, try and force yourself out the door and tell yourself you'll stay out at least for an hour. If it turns out that you still feel bad then you can think about coming home, but your friends might cheer you up.

    *Time to yourself - You need time to relax, be by youself and think things through. Maybe have a long bath with a book when things get tough.

    Let us know if you come up with anything, take care
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    Thanks for the reply. Good suggestions there.

    I think one of the main things I've found has helped has been talking to friends and being at MIND. The main thing I've realised is I'm far from alone in lots of respects.

    To be honest, before I was unwell I had no idea about mental health. I can't remember anyone ever talking about it.

    I've been very pleased with things I have done since university as I think I've learned a lot of things at MIND and from friends. I was just saying to someone a few days ago that I write down what other people say sometimes as I think it helps.

    For example my friend said a few days ago something along the lines of 'for every friend you lose you'll gain two or three more, and you are always meeting people.' I felt that's a great comment for the confidence.

    He also said how he thought I'd made lots of progress since I was ill in 2005 and that I was much more positive. I think he's right.

    In terms of my life thus far I do feel positive about it and things I have done, but I kind of look at being ill at university as a process of self-discovery. I'm not going to say it was fun at all, but I feel I've gained a lot from the experience if that makes sense.

    As it's an illness it's something I've got better from and learned why it happened. I think most important for me over the last few years has just been positive experience like meeting new friends and acquaintances and in general I think a lot more positively about myself and life now.

    I think it's a work in progress though, so I've joined several mental health groups recently and chatting to people there puts things in perspective, has allowed me to learn things and I think now I just need to (fingers crossed) keep on making sensible options like joining these groups and just chatting to a wide range of people about various aspects of life eg work, relationships, thoughts, exercise as there are lots of different components in overall happiness and well-being.

    I've found since university trying to get a job has frustrated me, but by being at MIND and chatting to people it's helped me realise persistence is the key here and i'll get there.

    I think (maybe i'm wrong) that there are various aspects to well-being across a range of areas, so maybe learning more as I go through life will help.

    I find friends, exercise, hobbies are the main things for me that make me happy and I think talking about feelings and just discussing ideas about different things in general for me is very important.
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    Mmm nice story but why capatlaise the word MIND throughout..
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    Lucid-Life wrote: »
    Mmm nice story ..

    Try to think about how your comments come across - this sound's a little demeaning.
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    Harry23 wrote: »
    Try to think about how your comments come across - this sound's a little demeaning.

    Woops I do apologise, what I did mean was that this guy has had a life expereince, probably not the best one but has come out the other side with a positive spin, something came from it that has given value back to his life path.
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    Yes, I was referring to the national mental health charity, MIND. Have really enjoyed being there and gained a lot from it.

    So yeah I feel I have done some good things through them.
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