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self harming...what's it all about?

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Hi, does anybody understand why I am self harming? I have a deadline of a week on saturday to sort my mind out or else I don't know how I will be able continue. I suffer from Bi-Polar and borderline personality disorder and am in the process of enjuring a massive crises. I spent 2 weeks in Phyciatric hospital which has not helped. Anyone got any ideas?


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    Hi ian and welcome to thesite! :wave:

    Sounds like you're going through a tough time at the moment and are trying to sort a lot of different issues. Firstly maybe check out this information on self-harm which you might find useful in answering your question. Also, it might help you to think about why you are self-harming as only you can really know what's going on for you, rather than asking others to make that call. Is your deadline of a week on saturday self-imposed? If so, try not to make too many demands of yourself and pile on the pressure as you don't want to risk making things worse for yourself. :no:

    Is there someone you can talk to about how you are feeling? I'm assuming you have some medical input as you say you have spent time in a psychiatric hospital, could you talk to your doctor about how you are, speak to them about your self-harm and that you don't feel any better after being in hospital? There are people that want to help and work with you to get better so don't be afraid of being honest with them about how you feel you are doing.

    There are also other discussion boards which might offer you support, Saneline works with a wider age group which might be useful, and they also operate a helpline too.

    Good luck and hope things become clearer for you :)
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    Self- Harm is like a release of feeling that you don't know what to do with. Like when they all build-up and you don't knwo where to put them.
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