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Ok I need some help here cause I've just hit rock bottom in my life.
I lost my job way back in november and since have accumalated masses of debt because I had to live off credit cards because I'd been too scared to tell my parents of my situation.

Things got rough around christmas when I was diagnosed depressed and put on anti depressants.
Things started to turn sour with my mate whom i was living with at the time and i stupidly hit the bottle and my mate told me I was developing a problem but I refused to believe it.

And so things got worse and on saturday I found out my nan had been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
I was beginning to think things were at the lowest point possible.
I was wrong. Stupidly, foolishly, I asked my mate if I could take his new car for a spin after I had had a drink. I wrapped it up and was arrested for drink driving and am due in court next week.

I got home the next morning and literally begged him not to throw me out.
I admitted I have a serious problem. So then there was a knock at the door and my mother walked in. he had told her what had gone on and that I needed to move out.
I managed to convince him how sorry I was and he said "Prove it to me. go with your mum, see a proffessional, pay me back for the car and get yourself sorted and show me youre not a screw up and you can move back"

This has quite literally been the worst week of my life and then last night my auntie died. I cant belive whats going on.

But now I'm about to do teh hard part and get off the drink.
Has anyone else here suffered alcohol addiction and what can I expect whilst going through it?


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    Hi Mylo_B :wave:

    Sounds like you're going through a tough time at the moment, it's great that you've admitted you've got a problem and are wanting to do something about it. Not sure if you've had a look through this site but there's some interesting information on dangerous drinking which might give you an idea of what might be facing you.

    There seem to be lots of factors contributing to how you are feeling - losing your job and getting into debt, family problems and arguments with friends. You say you've been diagnosed with depression, i assume this means you've been to your doctor which is a great first step. If you feel able to go back to your doctor and speak to them about your drinking they might be help in terms of counselling and looking at specific alcohol counselling. Also maybe check out the alcoholics anonymous website as they will have information on any meetings you can join locally, if you think this would be useful.

    A big thing is for you to speak to people about how you are feeling, and also face the things you feel you've been avoiding, like your debt issues. Sometimes facing these challenges can make us feel better about the problems and it can be true that a problem shared is a problem halved so be brave and go for it. This website on dealing with debt might be good for you. As the factsheets on here say, your friends and family will want to help you, but you might have to ask for help and show them you are working on your issues.

    Good luck, keep posting and let us know how you're getting on. :thumb:
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    Hey, gonna move this to the drugs forum as might be people who are more likely to notice this thread in there. :)
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    Its now been two weeks since I've had a drink and I feel awful.
    I feel sick all the time and always have a headache.
    People around me though including my mate are telling me im doing well and theyre proud of me, keep it up etc.
    Tbh I dont think I would have another drink even if I wanted to. Its liek the worlds worst longest hangover and its put me off every drink in existance.
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    Your not the first or the last or alone.
    Many have gone before you ...many will follow.
    Of those that went before you ...many are dead.
    Many survived and thrived.
    I din't face an alcohol problem ...my problem was a ten year love affair with heroin ...almost an endless supply of the stuff.
    It seemed like the ultimate rock n roll lifestyle.
    I began to mix with people and even live with people ...i would not have dreamed sharing even the smallest part of my life with.
    Violent selfish criminal hard people.
    The heroin world was all I knew in the end ...and all I was known for.
    I was the impossible one ...the one who had gone so far in ...as to never be able to come out again.
    Thats what everyone saw ...thats what I believed.
    Yet here I am ...twenty five years clean and as fit as a butchers dog.
    You've got a MUM ...that means you got love.
    That is one hell of a tool in your toolbox.
    Yes ...your going to use your mum ...if you have any sense left that is.
    What other tools do you have?
    Well ...your admitting your problem ...thats more a hurdle you just jumped over than a tool I spose.
    What other tools do you posess?
    I had a few.
    I used them.
    The worst place you can be ...which you aint at yet ...is having two dead ends and still having to choose.
    You have the dead end ...and an open road ahead ...your call.
    My worst fear was ...I was never going to laugh again if i gave up drugs ...seriously.
    I didn't realise till I was around a year of being drug free ...i'm guessing now but it was a while ...that I hadn't genuinely laughed since this stuff became a fucking problem!
    When I actually realised this simple truth ...I then broke down in tears ...sobbed my little heart out.
    My real feelings and emotions which had been surpressed ...came rushing back all at once and nailed me to the fucking floor ...I was ecstatic.
    Don't let anyone tell you alcohol addiction is any different than heroin ...same feelings ...same rituals ...same loss of control and on it goes.
    Take the right road ...you know which one it is but ...why is the right one ...always the scariest?
    All the very best to you ...report back cos i'm interested to see if you live or die.
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    Fair play, those sort of events can drive people to more drink. You've taken the first step in getting off it, as long as your friends and family are there to support you then you should be alright in the long run. Chin up. :thumb:
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    Best of luck mate.....Just grin a bare it!
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    you can do it. You already sound stronger than you did
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