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Anti- depressants, self harm and employment

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Hi, i'm going to be seeing a psychiatrist soon and i fear i may be put on antidepressants, i have a phobia of the effect pills have on me, i.e. i won't take sleeping pills because i'm scared i'll be forced to sleep and this causes panic attacks etc. However this isn't the worst, i'm still young and will be in search of a job soon:banghead: , i fear that they might turn me down if they know my mental health record and that i'm on medication. It will be on my record as i've been in the mental health service sometime (i've been told this), anyone know how an employer might respond to this? I mean i'm a hard worker and will get good grades the only thing my depression has effected is my attendance but that's not too bad. Its just if they are going to turn me away because of this rather than actually looking at the person i am and how hard i work i don't want them. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. This is where the self harm comes in, i've recently started to self harm on my arms as self harming on my ribs became very painful and started to make me cringe (weird i know), the only thing is obviously on my ribs it was hidden but now my arms are often covered in cuts and i know i won't be able to cover up scars all the time. I'll use bio oil once i'm sure i've stopped. I was advised by one of my teachers to go to any interview wearing short sleeved shirts anyway so they can see and know what to expect :no: i didn't agree with this and i doubt i will, majority of my clothes are now long sleeved anyway. But will this also effect an employers choice as to whether to hire me or not? Anyone got any ideas? This is something that has concerned me since i got involved with the mental health service :confused:


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    Yeah I fnd mental health reason stopped som people I know getting a job. I can be a problem but it is best if your up front with them about your mental health. That might show them your a truthful person.
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    hello, :wave: All i can do is Smile

    Sorry to hear you have a lot on your mind at the moment and worried about the visit to the psychiatrist.

    Its difficult to talk about your fears but you definatley need to speak to the psychiatrist about your fear of tablets, it may help them understand and possibly offer an alternative.
    Your juggleing a lot, so why not try starting on one thing at a time, think about what is worring you the most and take it from there.

    Cool2play22 was suggesting with how to be with a employer,due to your mental health issues and getting employed, were not sure on the law but try this web site http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index.htm it will offer good advice and you can ring your local office, its free and confidentail advice.

    Also when you go for a job interview be yourself and wear what you feel most comfortable in, if its got long sleeves that will be ok and we dont think they will judge you on that :)

    Your probably familar with our web site http://www.thesite.org.uk/community/askthesite, you can ask questions and get a few more ideas.

    Really hope everything works out, good luck with your grades too, keep us posted

    All the best
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