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allergic to certian toothpastes?

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Just wondering if anybody has experienced this... I know, I'm a freak :(

So for a couple years my lips have been peeling every single day. They are not dry or chapped but they constantly peel.

Recently they were doing some cleaning at my work and it was bothering me so I started taking some allergy medicine religously as opposed to once in a while. I did it for nearly two weeks. I noticed my lips became fine in that time. I put 2+2 together. (Oh, could I be quirky and say, I put 6 and 4 together, I'm different, hehe)

I noticed my lips went good when I visited my parents (different toothpaste) and in bad times in the spring (when I'd go on allergy medicine) and thought nothing of it. I dont know why it hit me this time.

The boyfriend mentioned we switched toothpastes a couple years ago... so I go out and buy a different kind of toothpaste... no more allergy medicine... lips... still fine.

Weirdest allergy ever? I havn't bothered looking in the ingrediants but I really can't imagine it changes that much from one to the other.
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