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Employment law

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I've been fobbed of with corporate bullshit for the very last time :mad:

I recently applied for a job with a Mobile Phone company which was listed as 'Customer Service'. When I spoke to them I asked was it telesales in disguise, the guy told me there were lots of different positions available and invited me for an interview.

Once there I was told the crux of the business is cold calling people at the end of their contracts and get them to sign up to others. Again I explained my background was customer service and not sales. He explained he'd prefer me to do the sales training anyway just so I could understand the nature of the business, which I saw sense in so we agreed I'd start monday (4 days ago).

I turned up and a few hours in I asked the trainer a few questions about the job and he looked at me a little confused, then I said "It's ok, I'm not going to be doing sales, I'm here for CS" to which he told me there weren't any customer service positions at that time and wouldn't be for a month or so.

I was surprised at this and went to see the guy who offered me the job, he said the CS jobs will be starting in about 2 weeks and he'll call me back with a start date. There was little point in me being there any longer so I left (they were ok about this) and as I did one of the guys on the training course left too - it seems he was told exactly the same thing.

Now we didn't get anything in writing and I've been calling them yesterday and today to try and get something confirmed but each time I do they seem to be taking the view that it was me who misunderstood the job offer - clearly that's not the case as the other guy was told exactly the same about the CS jobs.

Anyway I'm getting pretty pissed off with companies who treat people like this - the impression I'm getting is the boss (the guy who interviewed me) just wanted to get me on the phones selling contracts and hoped I'd just fall in to line - uh-uh! I don't work that way.

The job was advertised as 'Customer Service' at the jobcentre - does anyone know if there's any legal recourse that can be taken against companies like this one? If nothing at all I'd love to name and shame them in the local paper.
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