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Landlord Problem

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Hie my name is Shraddha and I am currently staying in Guildford Surrey (UK). I moved in a new property on 30th of November by paying an advance rent of £550 and £250 as a part deposit. Not sooner did I realise that some of the facilities in the house were not up to the set mark like the washing machine was broken, no working shower so we had to use a tub and a cup for taking bath, there was no hot water available continuously. After bringing this to the landlord’s attention he did not do anything but kept giving excuses of not fixing the things up. These things are not been sorted out till date. The Landlord also didn’t allow us to use the communal room and get any friends or relatives in the property, on asking him to allow us he kept us threatening to live the property. Now the landlord is asking me and my partner to move out of the house and says that I am an over demanding lady because I insisted on getting the things working. Now my question is what are my rights being a student tenant….


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    The rights you have will depend on what type of contract you have signed. If you have agreed to take on the property for a set period of time and have been paying your rent, the landlord will need to have good grounds to evict you and provide you with written notice. The landlord should repair the hot water at the very least as it is his responsibility


    With regards to friends and family, is this just to have them visit or were you wanting some of them to live with you? You should be allowed to have short term visitors, the only potential problem would be if you were subletting and charging them rent. Do you live in a shared house with the landlord or is it just other tenants?

    I would recommend contacting Shelter for some free advice, they could maybe contact your landlord on your behalf and get him to carry out some of the repairs. Or if you found the property through your university maybe they have a housing officer who can help?
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    Sounds like my old place.

    How did you find this place? Was it through an agency or through Gumtree?

    What does your contract say?
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