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Dropping Out... H-E-L-P

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Hi all,
Our son has got himself into a bit of a state and Im not sure what his options are so was hoping some knowledgeable people might be in the house!

He is a bright lad and did ok in his GCSEs (11 a to Cs). However he always knew from little, what he wanted to do so decided not to do A-levels but go straight for a National Diploma in his chosen vocation. We looked at the options and found that he would leave with the equivalent of 3 A-Levels, so we supported him in his decision.

He did brialliant on the course and left with a Merit (and a special college award) in National Diploma in Automotive Engineering.

The obvious choice for what to do next was the Foundation Degree as the college also does that course as an optional follow up.

He has always wanted to be an automotive engineer so still happy with his choice, he enrolled.

However, this is where things have begun to go wrong! The course is heavily based on 'pure' maths and physics too. Both of which he was ok at before this course but he is now struggling. He admits that these are his least two favourite subjects and he finds them tough at this very high level (I am a teacher and reasonably good at both but I cannot make head nor tails of the stuff he is given!).

He failed most of his maths exams last year and soon became demotivated. So rather than retake the exams we sat down after much heartache, and decided that he would be better off retaking the whole year as he felt that little of it had 'gone in'. So, here we are a few months in to his repeating 1st year. We got him a fantastic maths / physics tutor at home, and he has said he has definately helped.

However, he has his first exam looming and he is very low again even depressed. He wants to withdraw from the course. We have tried all the 'wait and see' how it goes stuff and tried being very supportive, but I cannot bear to see him this low.

So I have a few remaining questions I am hoping someone could help with, now that you have the background.

1. What happens to his student loan? Bearing in mind his is aleady repeating the first year.

2. This is quite specific and so depends on who is reading, but anyway: He is a reasonably bright young man - he has got staying-power so clearly this course might just not be for him (He has been a part time lifeguard in terrible working conditions for three years and a part time football coach for children with special needs for four years). He is most interested in automotives and wont even consider teacher / coaching as a vocation even though people tell him what a natural he is. He is too academic just to turn his hand to mechanics, but clearly not mathematical or academic enough for engineering. Any ideas what he could even consider next?

3. Any other advice /suggestions?!

4. Will anyone want him on another course as he has already tried to repeat a year??
A very worried Mum x


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    I can relate to your son - I'm at University and dropped out my first year (from guess what - Maths!) and started another degree, and it does get really demoralising when you just feel like you can't achieve. I think if he did look for another course considering all the effort he has done outside of his studies and that I think he would be ok, I don't know about the student loan though.

    Right now I'm having a tough time with my course, though I changed first year, did well, then on second year of new course I'm struggling again! I feel like 3 years of my life I've poured into trying to get a degree, I can't give up now lol.

    Best of luck to your son, it's good he's got such a considerate and supportive mum on his side :)
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