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Job hell

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I've been at my current job for about 2 months. I had other jobs, but previously I had already worked at the place i'm at now for around 2 years, 2 years ago.
I left because I couldnt take it any more! The general attitude of staff was driving me mad, i felt i was the only one actually doing any work, and i just got so frustrated i thought i was going insane.

After having a few other jobs i enroled on a study course as i seemed to be gettin no where career wise. i left my job to do this full time, however near Xmas i decided i was skint and as a result went back, in my mind thinking it was temporary and i would be able to find a career after christmas... Obviously jobs have all disappeared now due to the 'economy collapse' etc

So now i'm stuck. I am at the bottom of the ranks in this current job, but comparing it to when i left its a hundred times worse. Its full of petty rules, and double standards. The managers are so unprofessional, staff get sworn at, there is blatant bullying but no one stands up to them except me, H&S standards are pretty poor in my opinion - i'm sure we must be breaking the law! No one actually cares, there is no room for progression and its got to the point where i now dread going into work so much i feel sick constantly. I cant plan my life around the place, as its in the leisure industry so shifts are all the time. The rota normally goes up a couple of days before the end of the week - for the next week so i cant plan in advance either. Everything is suffering...

I already have a degree, and im doing a diploma, and I am applying for so many jobs and getting no where. I'm running out of motivation so thats not going to help me get anywhere.

I dont really know what I'm looking for.. Someone to tell me what to do next, or just that they were in the same place but got out or.. i dont know...:banghead:


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    Abuse that place as nothing more than a stepping stone until you can find somewhere. If you feel that its a really crappy job, dont set out to be the one who thinks they are the only one who does something, treat it as a job thats below you, but in the end its bring in the £'s, better than nothing I guess. Go into work with a couldnt give a toss attitude, might help you get through.

    Im not sure how good that advice is though.
  • Olly_BOlly_B Posts: 222 Trailblazer
    Hi Penguin,

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience at your current employer.

    As both yourself and MrG suggest, your current employment is basically to get you a wage and not part of a grand scheme. What you haven't said is what that grand scheme is.

    What was your degree in / what do you want to do in terms of a career? Coming up a with plan of how you are going to get back on that career ladder is a definite thing to do: if only to keep you sane and motivated.

    Contacting a local employer in the area you want to work, or a trade body or chamber of commerce could be a really good way of getting some advice on what your next move is. Don't go in asking for a job, ask for some advice and many people will be happy to give you the time of day. It might be worth contacting the local JobCentre or your former university careers office who can help with careers counselling.

    Is their a professional body or networking event you can attend? Are their relevant websites/forums you can be part of? Can you do a home-study course in something relevant/interesting; just to give you something different to do?

    Can you set up on your own? The current economic climate may be bad for big companies, but downturns are often seen as the best opportunity for entrepreneurship and individuals who can be really footloose. There are lots of organisations that can help you set out on your own.

    As for your current job - don't accept that because it's temporary/not-a-career-move you should accept second best. If your employer is breaking Health and Safety regulations, you have a duty to report them to the HSE. If you have concerns about your rights at work, talk to ACAS. Even if you have the opportunity to escape to something different, other people may not be so fortunate.

    Hope this helps...

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    If you are in a place where management run things like a fiefedom, join a union. Your 3 pounds a month will buy you the legally informed support and advice to at least have some comeback on them (UNITE for example).

    Do you mind if I ask which industry you work in?
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    I actually got so wound up and quit!!
    I know it wasnt the best move I could have made but I was turning into a crazy loon lol

    I work in the leisure industry.. well did!

    I'm working on a course at home in event management at the moment, and then i'm planning to start up my own business and I am looking into all the support locally for small businesses - there is loads of support!

    Thanks for your support though everyone :)
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