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Do you want a career in PR, marketing or journalism?

PearlyPearly *********Posts: 345 Boards Initiate
Do you want a career in PR and Marketing? Are you a budding journalist in search of a great story?

Do you have an opinion about Body Image? Do you think that more should be done to celebrate realistic beauty?

Do you want to become part of the most groundbreaking theatre event about Body Image the UK has ever seen?

BODY GOSSIP started 2 years ago, when I (Ruth) launched a National Writing Competition inviting everyone in the UK to write their story about their body.

I received hundreds of stories, and I’ve picked 15 winners – some funny, some angry, some distressing, and each one powerful.

These 15 stories are going to be performed for one night only on 29th March 2009, at the Hub, Kings Cross, London – performed by a cast of celebrities.

This is a charity event, raising money for Beat, but also an event that will hopefully raise awareness of the often-crippling effects that Body Image is having on our society.

How can you help? By getting Body Gossip’s positive message in the media, so that it is heard nationwide.

I’m looking for people with experience in PR, Marketing or Journalism, who are themselves looking for more experience – to jump on board this powerful campaign and work towards getting Body Gossip written and talked about in the media.

You will benefit from gaining experience assisting on a very powerful project, you will gain contacts in your field, and I will provide references at the end of it all.

If you are interested, please email me with your experience, your thoughts about this project, and your contact details – email [email protected]

Please aim to get in touch as soon as possible – PR work will begin in January.

Thank you,

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