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How are you meant to know?

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:( Ok i have big problems at the moment & have taken the step & been to the doctors who has said she thinking more councilling will help. (I never used it for what its there for last time - TALKING!):rolleyes:
Anyway my question is, she asked me what type of councilling i would like eg: Grief councilling, woman kind which is purely for helping women etc....or the normal one at the doctors.
Thing i cant get is how am i supposed to know which is gonna help? I mean yeah Grief councilling is PART of my problem but not all.

Anyone got any suggestions?
Im confused enough as it is without this. Any help pls.

From a really pissed off person in need of help!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    cant really help without knowing what the problem is. Grief counselling (sp?) i would say is for stuff like if someones died or whatever, woman kind would be for maybe if you'd been raped or something, problems like that. im not really sure but thats what i would think. so whatever the problem is, think which is gonna help most.

    probably havent helped at all, not very good at explaining what i mean very well, but hope it helps anyway.
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