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No piercings

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Was thinking... as I got some earrings for christmas... just want to know if anybody has this issue as well

Start with every single piercing... no matter how well I care for them they get irritated and oozing and just really really bad no matter what. I take very very good care and have never been able to keep a piercing. And I swear I take great care of them :p

My earlobes I have kept cuz I've gone years without wearing earrings and they dont' close. I've had trouble with them from the begining. No matter what jewelry I wear... titanium (which I get everything peirced with) orgainc material (such as bone) bioplast and gold... my ears will not take them. They turn red, itch and after wearing them I get this hard residue (I have no other thing to call it)

I'm not sure what else to describe it as. I use the most sensitive and reccomended jewelry to pierce with and I use the best material in jewelry.

I asked a really good piercer who I trust... and he hadn't had any experience with people having issues with titanium and orgainc material... especially in percings that were like 15 years old.

So does anybody have any experience with having such shit luck? I'm not looking for advice... I just know I can't do it anymore and the earlobes... whatever... I just want to know somebody with similar experience!

My mother has super sensitive skin and ears but even she can wear gold and titanium :p


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    try blackline, and if not, plastic stuff...

    do have reactions to nickle but asides that no...
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    what are you guys cleaning with?
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    I've had new piercings for 10 years and have done everything they say from mouthwash once a day for mouth piercings to salt water or saline or the overpriced shop bought piercing cleaner. I've been desperate and done everything and anything :p Even healed piercings do nothing.

    The only one I have left that isn't my age old lobes is the tragus which I had my dad clean and change for nearly a year :p as it was so irritated for so long I didnt' have the guts to do it. Trooper he was! Nearly lost that one when I had a surgery couple years ago (it was maybe 7 years old by then) and they made me take it out... closed up in half a day and had to do the whole process again for several monts until it finally stabalized.

    Had some really cute conch piercings. Salt water and heated them every day and went to the piercer to have them clean it once a week. Still over a year later they were awfully irrated and one night the o-right got sucked into the hole and had to go to the doctor and they left me :(
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