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protein shake advice

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Hi guys im looking at buying a protein shake to help supplement results at the gym.

Thing is iv got a bit of a belly and i dont want anything that will add to it.

Can anyone recommend me a shake that is suitable? preferably lower carb content( im guessing it will need some to help with the muscle build).

Kinda wanting to bulk and slim at the same time if you get me?:chin:


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    I don't know too much about it but (please don't shoot me all you hot bodied gym people) my blokey is into all that gym and nutrition stuff and uses Reflex protein.

    I don't think you can bulk and lose weight at the same time either, I know he goes though bulking and then cutting phases. On the bulking phases he eats quite a lot of calories but lots good carbs and he makes shakes with fruit and protien etc, his diet is very clean in the cutting phase he cuts right back on the carbs and eats more protein.

    I believe the advice is to eat regularly small meals every 3 hours, so that when you are bulking your body is getting the proper nutrition to mend the damage to your muscles which increases their growth and when you are cutting to keep your metabolism up and ensure that your muscles dont get used as fuel for your body.

    From what I have picked up listening to my man, the resting between your work outs is when your muscles are actually built and if you over work your muscles they will not get a proper rest period when they will grow, he normally goes to the gym 3 or 4 days a week, does his cardio for warm up and then works certain muscle groups like back and chest on day one and then legs on day two etc, it means each muscle group gets a long rest and doesnt get over worked.

    If you are quite chunky and work out then you will see a little bit of muscle growth if you do bulking but it will be underneath a layer of fat, when you do the cutting phase thats when you actually get to see the muscle you have developed.

    G-angel and go-away will probably be able to give you much better work out and nutrition advice but good luck to you.
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    How long have you been training? Obviously it varies from person to person but i'd suggest not even considering supplements until you've trained hard for at least 6 months or until it gets a point where you no longer make any improvements.

    As for which type to go for that would depend on how much money you have to spend really.
    I've tried a few different things in the past, only one actually made any difference.
    Tried maximuscle progain, didnt really have much of an effect on me and tended to just make me feel bloated.
    Creatine powder - no notable improvement on physique or strength/recovery time (although i was never that strict with myself on taking it)
    Reflex all in one powdered shake - ok stuff, found it bloating same as the progain.
    Cyclone - Best stuff on the market imho. couldnt really afford it at the time but i was drinking it 3 times a day (as opposed to the reccomended 2). Put on a very notable amount of muscle in the about 2 months i used it. Shot up on weights pretty rapid also.

    One of my mates takes thermabol (the maximuscle branded), couldnt tell you if its made much of a difference as the change in him could solely be down to the effort he's put in at the gym but from being someone very like you describe in the op a couple of months ago he's henching up pretty well now.

    An additional suggestion for when training: lose the belly through plenty of cardio/good dieting before you start racking up the crunches, otherwise you may end up with just a hardened beer belly.
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