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Love stinks. Especially long-distance.

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Never fall in love. :(
I was engaged the previous six months after a year-long relationship,and it has recently fallen dramatically apart.
This was a long distance relationship,not the easiest to contend with, but it was put to me that the distance was too much to take and it was ended. Just like that. I saw no problems in anything up until that point,we were going through the US immigration system to be together permanently. However, in speaking to him since, many other points have came up, sexual stuff, and the suggestion that he may not have been truly faithful the whole way through.
Right now I feel used,hurt,betrayed... I'm up and awake still right now, 02:24am, because I can't try to sleep without thinking over everything thats happened,all the things we've said and done the whole time we were together,and seeing doubt spring over everything. Basically my body forces me to. (unless I take sleeping remedies,but doing so would turn me into some zombie-addict or something of the sort)
My only wish is nobody puts themselves through this torture.



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    Re: Love stinks. Especially long-distance.
    Originally posted by LeFemmeFatale
    Never fall in love.

    :( I am sorry for your experience, but love can be a great and wonderful thing if it is a two way thing!
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    Long distance relationships suck! At least you found out that he wasn't happy before any moving ocurred. I know this is probably little consolation to you right now but give it time. Plus, if he was unfaithful, surely you're better out of it so you can find someone who'll treat you the way you deserve to be treated (and hopefully live a little closer).
    Good luck anyway & don't beat yourself up about it - give yourself a little time.
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    Have u managed to speak to him much since this was all decided-since it has been deemed 'over'?

    I know long distance is v.hard! I know what feel when ur apart from the one you love. How are u feeling now? Managed to sort anything out in your head?
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    Hiya :)
    From past experiences, being in a long-distance relationship, yes it is hard, but it all counts on trust, and how far you're willing to go for love! I was in a long-distance relationship for...atleast a year and a half, YES it was hell, and at one point we did break up as the pressure got to much, but in the end we figured out our differences, even though we were over 500 miles apart! it takes alot of communication and trust, its no good sitting around stressing and worrying! If your love is strong enough, it will survive! I dont know how far you are apart but surely you could sort something out! After a year and a half living miles apart my boyf came round and nows he's living right beside me!
    My friend is also in a long-distance relationship she hasn't been with her boyf quite as long but there really strong he had to move to to the US from the UK and she is stuck at home carrying there baby, what keeps them together is trust and the will power!
    So KEEP TRYING!!!!!!

    Love Miss_Kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    This is around 3,000 miles long-distance... he lives in the US,and me in the UK... It was hard,sure,but we were going through the immigration system at the time he called it all off,so I don't really get the "its just too hard" bit... he's just changed so much.. we've spoke maybe four times since this, no contact within the last 3 weeks. I saw his mum online and she called me into a message to find out how I was,and she's not actually heard from him since then either (parents divorced,he lives with dad)
    I'm actually kinda worried,heh.
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    Why do men just cut women off like that? It sounds to me like he's being very selfish. You deserve an explanation. Is there no way that you can contact him & demand to know what's going on? There must be a reason for his change of heart & once you know what that is, you should be able to start to resolve the situation one way or another.
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    I can't imagine the pain you're going through because I've never been in love but you're lucky things have finished now rather than later when it would have been a lot worse. I know it may be hard but try and think positively and have a good time to forget about him. Although you are feeling like this now, once the anger and hurt has gone you will want to go out and meet someone new and different and you will fall in love again and it will be great again, just give things time.
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