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Stop likin me!

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Well here's the story my friend introduced me to this guy a couple of months ago... we'll call him D. We saw eachother now and then and really enjoyed eachother's company... We really had alot in common but we did'nt see eachother as often as we'd like to due to a certain jealouse friend, skool work and other stuff. I always had a bf wen i saw him... which made it difficult cause i started to really like him more and more but i cudnt get with him coz i had some stupid bf. But now we see eachother more and more and i still have a bf. He confessed to me he fancied me and really wud like to go out with me.... Of course i cudnt do anythin about this... We spoke on the fone every nit.. for 10 hrs (i'm gona die wen the fone bill arrives ). I thought i really liked him. At this point i was'nt seeing my bf v much as he was v busy with A levels. One day i was at D's house with our friend. but then our friend had to leave... and i was left on my own with D. We had never been alone together for some reason duno y. But things started to get hot and well lets jus say we started doin forplay watever u wana call it (we didnt have sex btw). The next day i totally regreted it and told him. He was sorry and kne it was wrong... I wanted to b D's friend and nothin more. Recently my bf broke up with me coz he heard i was flirtin around by a certain friend and knew things were'nt workin out. I saw it commin but i stil miss his company. However D keeps tellin me he fancies me and it herts him that he cant b with me... on certain occasions he wud hert himself. Dont ask how. But i really dont wana go out with him and i dont wana ruin our friendship as we are takin the same course next yr. However he cant get the feelings for me outa his head. Now were not talkin ... i'm doin fine but eventually i'll have to see him again and he'll end up getting hert again. So how do i keep a friendship with him without hertin him... Why can't he jus not like me in that way? plz help sorry for the longness!!! :D


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    why are you posting this for the THIRD time???
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    i have sorry i can't find them and the computer froze last night wen i tryed to post it so i did'nt know. My apologise!
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