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I am thinking of applying for one for September 2009.

I was wondering if anybody has completed this... I have heard that it's very intensive, so I won't be able to have a job to support myself. However, I don't know if I could afford to do it then.

What does the course entail?

If I studied citizenship, would it be harded to get a job? How about if I combined it with say... English?

Is further education really hard to get in to?


  • littlemissylittlemissy Posts: 9,972 Supreme Poster
    I can't comment on job prospects with citizenship or anything like that as I don't know what secondary is like.

    I can comment on the PGCE though, as that's what I did. And you are right - it is very intense and very much a full time course. I don't know anyone who kept a part time job while doing the course. You will be knackered for 9 months and not be able to think of anything else.

    With regards to money, you will be eligible for a student loan and possibly a grant. I know that some secondary subjects and primary give out bursaries, but you would need to check whether citizenship is one of them.

    Check out the TDA website. You'll find all the info you need on there :)
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    Well firstly you should try and train in the subject you want to teach, so citizenship obviously wouldn't be ideal if you want to teach FE, as it is a subject more focused on the 11-16 age range. You can only, as far as I'm aware, train to teach one subject. Some providers offer 11-18 PGCEs, some offer 7-14, and some offer primary, some also offer courses based on post-compulsory education so that would be something you need to look into with your chosen course provider.

    You do get a bursary for doing a PGCE but the amount depends on the subject and age range. As far as I know, training for primary you get 4k, training for 11-18 non-shortage subject you get 6k, and training to teach secondary shortage subject you get 9k paid in instalments throughout the duration of the course. You will also be entitled to a student loan to pay the tuition fees.

    To get into FE specifically may be a bit more difficult, as obviously it is a very narrow age range and the subjects taught there may be more vocational or subjects that aren't NC, so you would have to combine the teacher training skills with other subject knowledge. To get into a school that has a sixth form would probably not be as difficult but it is unlikely that you would be exclusively teaching sixth form, especially in your first couple of years.

    You should try looking at the TDA website for more info, and the Times Educational Suppliment website also has a really useful forum which might be a helpful place to ask questions/look around and get more info. Hope that helps!
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    You can do a PGCE Post Compulsory Education as a part time course over 2 years, rather than the usual 1 if you're worried about paying for luxuries like food.

    Like everything, I suspect that the number of available positions is dependant on the subject(s) you train to teach. But at least if you stick to further education, you can teach your degree subject.
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