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Self-harm research request

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We've been contacted by John Baker, a Doctorate student, to see if people would like to help his research into support for self-harm. Have a read and see if you'd like to take part.


I am currently completing research into experiences of using support groups/ online communities concerned with self harm. You are invited to participate in this postgraduate research project which will be submitted as part of the thesis for a Doctorate qualification in Clinical Psychology at the Universities of Coventry and Warwick.

You should only participate if you want to. Please take time to read the following information before starting the questionnaire.

What is the purpose of the study?

The main aim of this study is to investigate peoples’ attitudes regarding the use of online groups/ forums/ journals concerning self harming behaviour and the function they serve.

What do I have to do and how long will it take?

If you decide that you would like to participate in the research please follow the internet link below and complete the online questionnaire. The survey should take around 15mins to complete and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Will you know who I am?

No. Once you have completed the online survey your participation in the research ends. As part of the survey you will be asked details about your age, gender, and global location but nothing that would be able to identify you.

Are there any disadvantages of taking part?

As the research is concerned with self harming behaviour it may raise some uncomfortable or difficult issues. You can choose to discontinue the questionnaire at any point. You may feel that you require additional support. This can be provided by appropriate groups and professionals such as your doctor or by following links from the support site through which you accessed this survey.

Has this study been approved?

Yes. It has been cleared by the Clinical Psychology Doctorate team at Coventry University and the ethics board.

What about the information you collect?

All information will be stored on security protected servers. No personally identifiable information about you will be collected. The only people who will view the information will be the supervisory team at the university and myself.

If you would like to participate please continue and click on the link below below. Completing the survey will be taken as your informed consent to participate.

Thank you in advance for your help with this study.

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