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I don't know, either. I just am tired of seeing "hey" or "hello there" thread titles on forums in the introduction sections.

Heya people. My name's Tyler, I spend way too much time on forums and I'm hoping to do the same here. Any questions for me, ask, no matter what they are I will give an answer.

Otherwise, here's some info about me:

- I'll be spending most of my time talking about movies, books and music because give me art or give me death... or something. I'll drop in other sections too but that's my main interest.

- I'm a fan of Mongolia despite never being there. Why do I like it? Because of all things, an SNES game.

- I like spontaneous human combustion. Why? Because of the game Parasite Eve. Since, I've read the book and watched the movie.

- Judging from what I've said here... I come off as pretty nerdy. Which is probably true.

So that's enough about me. Tell me about yourself, since you're probably more interesting.


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