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On your own and having to cook

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I Remember the days my parents were away and had to prepare my own meals. Then when I got my own flat, it was mostly microwaved stuff at first. Now a few years on, feel I have my own style of cooking!

What's your experience of having to fend for yourself at lunch and supper? I have friends who would ring her mum for the length of time to have a whole chicken in the oven. And another who got depressed arriving at uni and not knowing how to use the communal cooker in the halls of residence. Bet everyone's had the experience of surviving on takeaways till they sort out the kitchen routine.



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    Its great if you can be bothered, otherwise its terrible!
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    We've lived in our own place for two years and still almost half of the time are ordering in (sometimes more). When i cook i tend to go a bit over the top, but im learning to make simpler meals for weekdays etc. I found buying a cookbook with quick meals really helped me. Also planning and shopping lists help too, i used to go out and buy things i already had in, only to never use either because id changed my mind about what to cook.
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    I'm the same with Amira, but going out instead of ordering in. For the last 3 years we have only a couple home cooked meals a month. Except in the summer because he like to grill.

    I did have a few years of on my own... with the few pennies we had going on weed, learned some very cheap meals... the kind of meals that are only edible when you're high as well, unfortunatly :p Spagetti and sugar, soda crackers and horsradish, if one of us had scored some cash or if a parent had recently visited (family 400 miles away) we'd go all fancy and have some hamburgerless hamburger helper :p

    I'm trying to cook more now though. I find soup to be good. I find with 1 and 2 people, the only way to get a relativly cheap meal is to cook a family sized meal and have leftovers. Soup is always good and you can make a couple batches at once and freeze them, I've gotten into enchaladas and a dish called yumasetta... luckily for me my dad's parents lived thru the depression and still had the same mentality so he showed me alot of really cheap dishes.

    Of course you have to like leftovers though. The boyfriend won't touch a dish thats recooked, but I love them, some foods even taste better I swear :p So more for me anyhow, horray.
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    when i was in my own flat, i was cooking quite a lot, even though it was a tiny kitchen. Now, its pasta, pizza or ready meals most nights. its hard when the place is always dirty, you can't find half your knives, and the nearest supermarket is a 20 min walk away. I don't end up going down the road if i need bread, i'll wait until the end of the week.
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    I've cooked for myself since I was about 16 because I didn't want to eat what my mum and dad ate. When I moved to uni it was harder as you'd have to disinfect the kitchen before you could do anything it was always that minging but I never resorted to takeaways, it might have been a microwave meal or something easy like soup or porridge. Now I'm back home I still cook for myself and love it! I like reading recipie books and watching cookery programmes for ideas. I just wish I had the money to buy lot's of nice ingrediants :(
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    ive been cooking a lot of soups lately too, i found a really nice recipe for an italian lentil soup, but i think i should cut down on the amount spaghetti it says to put in.
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