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Not sure if this belongs here or not

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I am not sure if this belongs here or even what I want to get out of the post really, its a bit of a ramble.

I am over 30 and I have never taken any illegal substances, I have never smoked a cigarette and don't want to either. I have always known my partner of 18 months occasionally smokes weed,, he goes months without it then his sister visits, who smokes everyday, brings him some and he uses it up not always every night but most nights till its gone. I havent got a problem with it I have no right to tell him what he can and cant do and I know he is not dependant on it at all. However recently and I think its because our relationship has become more serious when his sister comes over and I am over at his house too he has started to smoke weed with her, I feel a bit awkward if that makes sense because I am not part of what they are doing and a bit of a spare part, I dont want to leave the room as she is a lovely girl and I dont want her to think I dont like her I dont want to stop my partner doing what he wants to just because I am there, I wouldnt want to put him in a me or her round situation as we are planning to move in together and I know she will come over to our home so its something I have to get used to.

I guess I just wanted to get if off my chest.


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    it wouldnt really be an issue, you shouldnt feel 'left out' etc

    with some other drugs it could be a problem having other 'sober' people around but it isnt really the case with that

    maybe if it was a crowd of 6 stoners who were well set in their ways, but someone having a smoke with their sister wouldnt be much of a big deal!
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    almost always you will find that in a small social gathering like that there will no issue with people turning down the joint... often they'll offer it, and just smile and nod if you politely decline :)

    there's nothing wrong with chilling out with a cup of tea while they have a joint, you'll still be sitting around with them having a nice chat.
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