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Job hunting joke

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When I got my first part-time job it was a bit of a breeze - I went in, had a chat with the manager and she told me to come back for a trial day the following weekend and then I was taken on as a permanent Sunday girl. I'm well aware that it's rarely that easy though, as Rosie found out.

Can you relate to Rosie's experience?


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    Nope can't relate, ime part-time jobs are fairly easy to come by and the interviews have been pretty quick and informal.
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    I can relate! Some job interviews are ridiculas (Ive had plenty)

    I think being made to play silly games/do things is completly pointless and they should just give the potential employee a trial period as there is no way from an interview that they can pick up on how a person will react in a situation until they are dropped in at the deep end.

    I can see why they make u do it.To see how u react in different situations/around different people. But imo it is completly pointless as people act completly different in a interview situation to how they would on the shop floor as many people are nervous/trying their best to impress.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if in many cases those with those job application processes on steroids are done by big companies that have spent a load on developing this sort of bullshit. Or smaller that have copied the big ones thinking it's clever and efficient.

    After submitting a CV online, last year I got asked to a short interview for a large company. We talked and it was nice and cosy, then later she got in contact and offered me the job.
    Another time I met up with an owner of a small wholesale company, we spoke briefly and then we shook hands and I was to show up on Monday. Nice and easy.

    My biggest job hunting experience was to become an Air Traffic Controller. For that I required a CV, eye test and a recent criminal record to be considered, then I had a computer test, interview with a shrink trying to figure out if I was sane and a stress test to get on the course. Later on the company gave us another eye test and a complete physical. Then I got on the course and that was a whole different sort of rollercoaster. No school has ever made me cry like a baby before due to pressure. After passing all that, I had to do on the job training for a whole winter without getting a dime from the company until I passed my final test. Then I finally got a contract -no questions asked.
    It's however not a weekend job for me so the year and a half long process didn't feel too unfair (except being made work nights for no money :mad: ).

    I however think that Icelanders are a nation of cowboys. We hate being made do unneccesary things and just want to do things our way.
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