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Child Nursing at university

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i have applied to various universities to study child nursing. has anyone studied this/studying this? do they enjoy it? and do you need an interview before the uni accepts you and if so, what sort of questions do they ask? thanks! :yippe:


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    I don't do child but do adult and I had interviews for every uni I had applied too. They were all different my John Moores one was a group discussion then individual interviews, my Salford interview was a group presentation then an individual interview and my Chester one was just a one on one interview.

    The most common question is why do you want to do nursing and they will probably ask why do you want to do child nursing? They may ask you scenario type questions, the ones I got asked weren't hard I just can't remember them :chin:. I think it was along the lines of what would you do if you were asked on the ward to do something you weren't sure if you were able to do etc.

    Another one is what do you have to offer to nursing. A good site that will help through your training and after is! It's fab and they will be able to help you with more questions :)
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    Hi, I haven't studied child nursing although I have been accepted for a Mental Health nursing course, and they ask similar questions. It really depends the university whether you get an interview or not. My friend applied for child nursing although didn't get in.
    Most universities will at least have a presentation, and in this instance the decision whether you'll be accepted into the course relies mainly on your personal statement and your references.
    The types of questions may include what has interested you to the course etc. We got asked a question about what was the meaning of intimate care. Some questions may be about your statement.
    Also after the interview if you are accepted to the course you will have to pass a health screening too
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