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Essay writing stress

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I need tips for calming down and just getting on with this essay. Its due on Monday, it counts for like 25% of my grade and ive gotten myself so worked up about this that i just cant get my head down to write this. All i want to do is go curl up and sleep and not think about this fecking essay but i cant, but all thats going through my head now is "im far too stupid to get this done! How the fuck did i get a place at uni" I've only got 300/1500 words written :(

Please help, all calming tips greatly appreciated


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    Spend a whole day in the library just reading and writing notes always write your notes up never ever photocopy and highlight it won't go in - only once you've read all the sources start forming yoru opinions and writign yoru essay.

    then write out your essay plan - write out a plan with an introduction and an ending. Then in between right down each type of your argument/point of view

    Each argument point should then become a paragraph - write bullet points under each of these.

    Once you've done all of that you can start writing - ideally i'd get id done a few hours before it needs to go in so you can then have a cup of tea and watch neighbours and do a final edit
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    As a specialist in last minute essays (due to my outright ability to mix red rooster with long all nighters), I would most definitely agree with the points made above-having an essay plan really does help, especially because just getting it down means you're able to see the tangents which all the lecturers love.

    If you can think of your essay as almost like a river-take all your points, analyse and feed em all into the one big conclusion and evaluation.

    Trust me, you'll get through it. Think positive, and remember, it's not the end of the world that you're stuck, sometimes just continuously plugging through your notes does help! There'll be a point in them that'll help..

    Otherwise...it's back to the red rooster and the joys of google scholar :D
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