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Mosquito bites

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    clear nail polish? Weird. I grew up in the state where the mosquito was pretty much the state bird and even I've never heard of that. Not to mention it blocking your pores. Try something with hydrocortisone in it. Works a charm. Granted you'll have to reapply every few hours, but it works while it is on. They'll be gone soon.

    Mosquitos are attracted to certian people because of the smell they emit. Not oh-you-never-shower-smell or oh-thats-200pound-perfume-smell, just a natural thing your body gives off. Some say that co2, temp and certian chemicals like lactic acid can attract them, so if you've just finished excersizing you may be more enticing. Some also say that pregnancy or if yo'uve been on a bender and have alcohol in your blood as well, as well as blood type. Try a mosquito repellent also.
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    Try something with hydrocortisone in it. Works a charm.

    :yes: You may also find this info from the travel doctor website useful:
    Treatment of Bites

    Itching is the main symptom to control with insect bites. Topical antihistamines and anaesthetics are for quick temporary relief; hydrocortisone cream has slower onset, but longer effect.

    * Ibuprofen Gel. For pain and swelling from insect stings, is an excellent anti-inflammatory with quick onset.
    * Hydrocortisone cream 1% This preparation improves both itching and swelling/redness. It actually has anti-inflammatory effects, not just symptomatic relief like the topical anaesthetics. However, it does take longer for full effect than topical anaesthetics.
    * Xylocaine Gel 2% For immediate relief from surface itching and pain.

    Any systemic reaction should be seen by a doctor immediately. This includes hives wherever they may occur, swelling in the face, shortness of breath or wheezing, difficulty swallowing, and light-headedness or fainting. These usually occur within minutes to an hour after the sting.

    Local reactions generally don't require professional care. However, if your local reaction causes enough swelling or pain to distract you from your normal activities or keep you awake despite basic treatment, you should see a doctor. If the redness/swelling is worsening after 24 hours, see your doctor.

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    Its all down to the way your body is hunny, nothing you can do but look into some treatments. Perhaps the docs as well to make sure you are covered for all disease jabs and in case you need anti inflammatories or something to ease it.
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