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I rushed it, now wot?

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Anyone got any ideas how to help......
I've just started seeing someone but we've known each other for a while now, since about February. The only prob is that we live not veryfar, but quite far from each other which means we see each other at weekends etc. We when we met up for the first time not only as friends, we both decided it would be a good idea not to rush things and take it slow and see how it goes, well on the first "date" we got carried away and had sex. I really like him, like no-one before but I'm so worried because now I'm wondering if he's lossing interest...this is because our txting etc is miniumal now and it's partly my fault for not having credit, but wot do I do???:confused:
He's such a sweet bloke but at the end of the day he's still a bloke and I'm hoping that it's just coz of the world cup and his work which is stopping the contact but....I don't know!!!
I just don't wanna lose him and I was thinking, shud I ask him to slow it all down or will that scare him off???
I know this is long but I needed a little help!!!!:confused:


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    do you think he could have been using you for sex? if so then although you dont want to lose him hes not worth it anyway.

    if he seems genuine then i think that you should just explain that you wanna take things slower. you are worried about this scaring him off but if it does then again hes not worth it anyway. he may feel the same way as you, wanting to take things slower but not knowing if/how to tell you. its best to be honest from the start.
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    I know ur rite but I just don't know how to start the conversation, I don't think he was using me, I've been used enough times to know by now!!!:(
    I want to be honest with him and I probably will be but the thing with the scaring off is that coz its a new relationship and I start talking about slowing it down, I wonder if maybe he'll think I'm assuming too much and being clingy...I admit that I need attention hence why I'm worried about the lack of txts etc but I don't want him to think that I NEED him ALL the time!!
    It's so confusing...:confused:
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    stop texting and come back to the real world!

    Think how you would have conducted this before mobile phone texting started to rule everyones life!

    Ring him up, ask to meet etc etc

    You both agreed to go slowly = he really likes you!
    You ripped each others clothes off = he really likes you and he has shown it!

    Maybe he thinks that it is better to cool things off because he thinks you didn't want to rush things, so he is taking a step backwards.
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    wot u said BumbleBee makes so much sense!
    I guess I just hadn't seen it coz I'm involved-isn't it funny how u can notice things with other ppl but when its u ur clueless!!!

    I have rung him (the only thing stopping me was that he's not allowed to take personal calls at work) ad he's coming to see me tomoro so we're gonna talk about it properly face to face, which i'm nervous about but hopefully it'll go well :)
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    see what happens

    probably not the easiest of solutions as u dont wana be sat round waiting for him ifhe's not interested, but give him a litte time. If he blows hot and cold with u its just not worth it as its clear he only wants one things.

    As for regretting what you've done, i it felt right at the time then u should have no regrets. I wouldnt worry about it as its hapened now and u cant change what has now been done. If it was a mistake then you'll have to live with that, but you'll find someone else and the past wont haunt u.

    Hopefully this guy is genuine, play it a little relaxed to see if he coemes back to you, but if all he comes crawling back for is sex, just let him keep chasing you coz u cant take him back then!
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    my usual hel pis really just ask him honestly!!

    i doubt he has lost interest in you i doubt that alot!

    just take it easy, i think you are getting worried over nothing!
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