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stomach sickness - what to look for in foods

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I swear I get sick to my stomach with absoutly everything I eat. (Not pregnant, its really been happening for several years, I just like to ignore things until they get exponentionally worse and more frequent and I just can't take it anymore) I've been feeling like throwing up and don't mind the other end all day today. Mostly in the later part of the work day. And it happens all the damn time. So I've finally decided to write down all I eat around the times I feel this way and try to figure out what the hell.

But I have no idea what to look for. I know dairy (my mom says I was pretty lactoseintolerant as a baby/kid anyways) and from reading here, once I figure out what gluten is, look for that... but I'm stuck on anything else one can get all sick from.

For example, the only things I ate around getting sick time was coffee with creamer and sugar (I have it every day but I don't get sick every day... but it still could be related) and this bad boy with some pepper.

And please don't mention, eh go to the doctor/nutritionist freak3.gif as I'm well aware that would be the smart and easy idea, but it is not an option right now.
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