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How to tell him I think he needs help

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I have a friend who uses a lot of drugs... He used to take acid and 2ci several times a week, sometimes to go to his lectures (he's a student) and every time I see him, he's smoking cannabis and drinking.

Recently he did a reiki course and now believes he can heal people of cancer in India and then started hanging around with these rather odd and annoying people. Now before anybody calls me judgemental, I'll tell you why I think they are weird...

They are very "spiritual" people... They talk about which one of them has the most energy in the room, they brag about their knowledge and one guy was pushing his views on me, stroking my arm and talking about how everything is energy, how an evil woman took advantage of him and how it was another women's fault she got raped because she should be responsible for her actions... :rolleyes:

When you ask somebody in a friendly way "so whaddya do?" and they reply "what do I do? I exist, I simply be as an all encompassing energy beam of love" or something similar, then you know that you are going to spend the next fiteen minutes looking for a way to escape. Now these people can believe what the hell they want, but I think they are encouraging my friend's strange behaviour...

I don't have issues with his beliefs, I just see that they are destroying him... Sometimes he is so hyper he cannot sit still and he talks to you, but nothing he says makes sense, it changes every sentence. In fact, it's as if he is in a state of confusion and doesn't know what they are either.

Now he has started getting worse. He got kicked out of a pub for offering a woman reiki too persistantly. He is usually the sweet type and definately not pushy... But I am worried one day somebody is going to smash his face in because he doesn't seem to know how to act.

Recently he has stopped going out. He says he is too spiritually sensitive to go to bars and raves because he can feel how other people are hiding behind their emotions. He refuses to go to political demonstrations because people are being political to hide internalised anger because of childhood problems apparently and he can feel this and it affects him.

To me, it sounds like in some way, whether he realises it or not, he is projecting his own issues on other people... s he has had a very stressful childhood.

I told another friend of mine who has been in a unit for schozophrenia (which he believes was agitated by constant drugs use) and says that what my friend is experiencing sounds just like what happened to him before he hit a downward spiral.

I want to tell my friend that I am concerned, that he should cut down on his pot smoking and his drinking and that he should talk to somebody, as he is isolating himself. However, he is so certain that he is right and on a higher spiritual plane to everyone else and more enlightened (and his friends encourage this) that he may not believe it.

So does anybody here have any sound advice?


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    i think you may be right. He sounds like hes totally delusional, but i dont think theres much you can do.
    If he annoys you I would avoid him. he has to learn on his own
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    If you take all the Reiki stuff out of it and look at how he is acting i think he needs some help, not a lot of help as he may just be a bit eccentric, but it does sound like hes hiding a bit.

    I am a cynic when it comes to Reiki, its a 2 weekend course to become a beacon of spiritual healing - he is now using that as an excuse to hide away from things he does not like.

    There are a few ways to approch it, the direct approach which probably wont work which is telling him straight to get a grip of himself OR come up with some bullshit about one of his chakra's being blocked and convince him to go in the right direction, it sounds deceitful but its in words he can understand :)
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    He does have problems but only he will be able to eventually figure them out himself with any luck! I reckon he is schizophrenic! He doesn't know who he is so he clings onto anything he finds no matter how bazar it is!
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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey Namaste, I'm going to move this to the drugs forum as you might get some more replies. Hope you don't mind. :)
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    Just be honest, tell them you are concerned about them, that you think their drug use isnt helping them.

    But they may well just ignore you, if they have a full blown mental health issue then they may be quite unreachable.

    Let them know that you are there for them.
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    sounds like his heads lit alrite
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    Yikes, 2-ci and acid 3x per week including in lectures, that sounds like exceptionally heavy use and the problems caused by that (and his childhood) are probably continuing due to the weed..

    I doubt unless somehow he can realise he is delusional, or stop smoking weed and have many months off hallucinogens, that he will change very easily. He definitely sounds like he's going down the route towards schizophrenia.. perhaps if his studies of reiki/spirituality/drugs could lead him to mental health discussion boards he may recognise some of his symptoms? Hmm.. you could ask him if he has heard of HPPD and get him to look it up perhaps?
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    From the little i come across these strange spiritual group types these days i can tell you there were loads of them about forty years ago.
    Loads of whacked out stoners like the guy your talking about ...high as kites and talking about energy and a million other waste of time stoned ramblings.
    The good news is that the spiritual weirdos don't usually take drugs or don't take them for long.
    The heads full of magic and wonder and a thousand dillusions to enjoy stoner kinda guys nearly all come down and come back.
    Theres been millions like him before ...only a few end up damaged or broken.
    I doubt theres anything you can do at all other than keep an eye on him.
    If your there for him now and again you'll be a link to the land of normal.
    Don't flap.
    Just be around.
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    Finding yourself spiritually is a strange experience and it sounds like your friend has just found his own mind instead of a clouded one. It will take him a while to recover and become fully aware of what he really wants. It sounds just like when I found my spiritual self, it wasn't long after that I quit using drugs.

    As Morrocan says, few come out damaged or broken.
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