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Online Applications

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I have to say I am extremely unhappy with this process of applying for a job. The reason I say this is that I 've found that the process asks questions which sometimes don't consider that you have never been in a position to have be able to answer some of the questions that they ask you and then judge your overall application upon.

I was left to angry and frustrated by the one I filled in that I went into the their local store today near my work discuss my position with their manager, in the hope that they would accept my CV and generally to explaine that I felt I was judged unfairly.

As I explained to the store manager I felt I was not able to give them a proper reflection of myself. I was not able to give them a full work history as they did not provide enough space to do so nor did they infact ask for a decent background work history in the first place.

If anything [and I HATE talking myself up I honestly do] I am if anything actually overqualified to do the job I applied for although they would not know this since they did not ask relevent questions during the online application and on top of that only asked for the last 3 jobs.

Another point I want to make that is I feel shocking. The first manager I spoke with told me he hadn't in fact even received any jobs applications so in fact the web " Recruitment Team " had not even dealt with my application properly, I feel. This is yet another reason why people won't stand a fair chance of getting a positive outcome.

The question really is how is this even considered fair !?

You simply cannot judge a person solely upon a web application since it only sets out to ask what seems to be basic information and asks a set of particular multiple choice questions and a set amount of job history and on top of that they do not even allow you to add any other relevent information.

Why can't shops take CV's anymore ? Why is it such a difficult thing for them to do these days rather than force people to apply on a website !? and what about the people who are not computer literate or those who have no access to either a computer or the internet ? That is surely being VERY unfair on those individuals.

I tried to apply to another company who are looking for staff [funnily enough it's for a company I used to work for in the same role I previously did] and it asks the EXACT same questions as the other company application asked.

It makes me wonder what the point in it all is and you have to remember that a lot of these shops now point blank refuse to discuss anything job related in store and refer you to their career websites which makes it even more difficult.

Someone tells me that Sainsburys career website is actually broken. It does not function properly and they are aware of this and have been for quite some time but they have still not fixed it. The problem with this being that they supposedly refuse to speak to you instore about vacancies so you are stuck.

That is yet another issue with them, if they break and the store staff won't speak to you where to do turn then ? What are you meant to do about that, seems like the answer is nothing.

[sorry for the mini rant]

Anyone else had experience of these online applications ? What are your thoughts on them ? It just really pisses me off.


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    I think online applications are great, you don't have to go to the hassle of printing, buying envelopes and stamps and putting them in the post with enough time to get there

    For many jobs just a CV will be insufficient as they like to ask you questions relating to the specific post.
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    I have to say I really prefer online applications too! Having worked in several shops I can confirm that the majority of the time when people come and hand in their CV, it just gets left laying around, ends up under a pile of crap and rarely gets to the right person. Not every single time, but it does often happen!

    Also, I guess in online applications they only ask you specific information because they just want an idea of the basics before they invite you for interview, i.e. do you have any experience of working with people and maybe how would you deal with certain situations; just checking you meet the basic requirements. They must get so many applications over the UK that they don't want to be reading length explanations of things each person has done. The interview is your opportunity to elaborate, and if you've worked before it shouldn't be too hard to at least get an interview.

    Not sure what exactly it is you feel you can't specify on the form; if you're having problems, maybe contact the HR department for the company to have a chat about it and see if anything can be done?
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    Well I've neer had any replies back off applying online.
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    bugsbunny wrote: »
    Well I've neer had any replies back off applying online.

    :wave: hi newbie... sorry to hear you have had no luck with online applications. I have made a few and got one job. I must admit I do both print and apply online it depends on what the employer wants me to fill in.:)
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    Hello just call me bugs =)Well I applied both in print and online to Greggs and Coffee 1 and didn't get a reply.. I applied to Waitrose and got a letter back saying that I didn't make the short list for the interview which bummed me out.
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