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Running bit torrent over two network adapters

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When i moved back into my parents in Febuary i had to bring my BT broadband with me due to contractual obligations. So with not wanting to pay the remaining months worth of rental and also a £40 early cancellation charge, ive waited until now.

I have cancelled my broadband, but for the next month it will still be active.

Since my parents also have broadband, can you with azureus/vuze set the one programme to use two different connections to the net?

I was thinking of putting a cheap and nasty network card in addition to the one i have, into my machine.

Or would it be best to use a different torrent programme on my internet connection, and my parents connection i could just bind azureus/vuze to?

Sorry if this sounds weird, im just been download greedy.
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    You can do it but not with just the programs. This is because when you connect through one network you get an IP and obviously you can only have one fixed IP per program. So in order to spoof the programs you can download a program to do clever things but it might be more hassle than it's worth.

    Try googling network aggregation.
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    I'm not sure about Azureus (I don't use it as it's a bloated mess that needs a JVM running) but uTorrent which is considerably better (maybe not options wise but in regards to resource use) has a method that might be suitable if you're not *too* greedy.

    In uTorrents advance options section there is a variable you can change to specify the IP the program binds to (net.bind_ip) however, there's also a variable that lets you bind outgoing traffic to a different IP (net.outgoing_ip). It's not going to double your speeds obviously but it'll help you get a more favoured position for downloading if you can upload using an entire broadband connection.
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