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i'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment guy's and would like some advice?

there's two blokes on the scene one is my friend from somerset and the other is my current b/f we've been going out two weeks.

bit of history on both of them
i meet my b/f at work i've known him for just over a year now and i've always fancied him but never thought anything would happen because of the age difference. he's nearly 21 i was 17 in march. about 2 months ago though we went to a party and he got with one of my friends. they swapped emails and then she gave he's to me. we talk on msn for abit and then about a month ago he asked me if i wanted to go to the cinema. we did and had a really good time. wr started hanging out more,etc and it sort of just happened naturally getting together there was no asking each other out. i'm really happy at the mo with him he makes me laugh:D

guy two is my friend he live in somerset and i live in kent. we met on holiday,( i have done a post about him before but i don't know if your remeber?) anyway he came down at easter and we decided to try a long distance relationsip. it did work for awhile and i was quite happy but after awhile it felt like i was missing something. he wanted to stay in this situtation until we would be going to uni together which will be in 2 years. i couldn't handle the missing him and it sound selfish but i didn't want to miss out on having fun. so i ended it while i was started to get to know the b/f better.

well now he barely talks to me and keeps begging me to take him back when we do talk. i don't know what to do. he doesnt know i've got a new b/f either and if i tell him i'm scared he might do something stupid he broke he's hand when we split up from punching a wall. i want to keep everyone happy but i don't know how?

sorry for the lenght of the post and sorry if i dont make much sence either.
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    It's really nice of you to want to keep everyone happy, but I just dont think it sounds possible to me.

    If I was you I would stay with ur current b/f because I think thats the best option for you, I mean do you still have feelings for the other guy ?? Or is it just the fact that your worried he will do something stupid thats making you feel like this ??

    The other guy has to grow up a bit and take responsibility for himself. It sounds soo evil but its not your problem if he hurts himself just because you're happy with someone else and dont wanna put that at risk just for him. But if he did punch a wall again or something then I'm sure that wouldnt stop ya feeling guilty. But like I say, its not ur problem.

    Good luck

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    thank you! thats made me feel a bit better

    i do still have feeling for him it just not going to work at this moment in time. but i can't get him to understand that.
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    to me it sound like you mhave already made your decsion. you say that you knida just fell in with your bf establishing a friendship and stuff, but with the other guy all you had was the holiday romance thing which to be honest seems all well and good at the time but soon loses its luster when you realise your not gonna see them for long periods of time. talk to the other guy and tell time (nicely) that you have found somebody else and are happy and that you hope he can do the same.
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