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Where is my motivation to study?

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Could really do with a pep talk! I've a pharmacology re-sit on monday 18th. I'm notoriously CRAP at pharmacology, hence the re-sit, and have to pass (40%) or I'm screwed for 2nd year entry.

So why am I on this path of self destruct which tells me checking facebook and other interent sites every 5mins is FAR more productive then actually getting my head down?

I could throttle myself I really could. Stop being so damn lazy woman!! It's just so hard and I'm so not a natural at it.

Whats a girl to do?!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Join the club, ive got two exam resits (which i still feel i got mugged off with) at the end of aug/start of sept, havent started revising for them either. But then im a bit screwed, worked my ass off revising for them first time round only to fail and now have had no feedback from tutors and no responses to my emails...so for once i actually tried and failed...now what?
  • FizFiz Deactivated Posts: 44 Boards Initiate
    Most people find it hard to get motivated at some point in their lives whether it is studying, exercising or generally having any self discipline.

    It sounds like for you the internet can be a huge distraction and if you are trying to work on your computer then I guess its just far too tempting to log onto facebook whilst you are there rather than getting down to it if you want some tips on how to stop slacking and start studying check out this article

    Keep in the forefront of your mind when you are trying to get motivated that it is your choice what you do next, nothing is stopping you from getting on with it apart from yourself! So take a step away, deep breath and get cracking. If it helps why not try concentrating for half an hour and then rewarding yourself with five minutes doing something else you enjoy more? Just give it a go after all you won?t be studying forever it is just one of those things that you have to try your best at while you are in that situation because you will be living with your actions now for the rest of your life.

    Not sure if this was the pep talk you were after but I hope it helps in some small way. All the best with it remember it wont be forever!
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    Oi get your arse in gear young lady!

    How's that as a starting point?

    Now, when you've read these, kill your internet connection for the next 4 hours. If you're on a network cable, unplug it, if you're on wireless disable the wireless on your computer. Doesn't take 10 seconds to do, or reconnect but it puts a nice big trip hazard in the way of your procrastinating.

    If you need to use online resources then it may take a bit of a rethink but if you're really getting distracted then save them onto your computer, then you can access them offline.

    Next, bring on the bribery. Whatever it takes. 20 mins of facebook in exchange for 2 hours decent working, one of those treatsize mini bars for every hour of work you do, a trip downstairs to get a cup of tea and a 5 min break after every hour, and if you manage to be good all day and get 7 hours proper studying done (not faffing, studying) then you get the entire evening off.

    Now, read this, then get off here, get off facebook, stop checking your email and do at least 3 hours work, then come back and tell me you've been a good girl.
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