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Done a search but not found much info, so...
Does anyone here do kickboxing? I've never done it before (or anything similar) but think it sounds interesting, I'm just wondering whether it'll be OK for a rather unfit 27 year old or if I'm aiming my sights a bit high :blush:


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    If you can find a good club who are supportive and not just after your money then i'm sure you'd probably enjoy it. It's hard work so will probably do your fitness the world of good although you might find if you carry on doing it you'll have to add other stuff to try and get fitter. Maybe swimming or something :) I find the best thing with learning martial arts or with any training is to find somewhere that are supportive of their beginners and don't automatically try and take shedloads of money off you. I've known a few places like it and have been disgusted with their supposed standards and support of their members.
    Good luck with the search anyway :)
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    hey i used to do kickboxing but stopped because of chronic joint pain
    its is realy so much fun i mean SO MUCH FUN!
    the club i trained at was brilliant it was run by julie kitchen the current womens world champion and her husband. the club was really good. i think it cost me like a fiver for 60 minutes which wasnt too bad considering the quality of the gym. it is hard work but if you get a bit knackered on your first couple of times im sure no one will mind you taking a breather. its not like all the boxing clubs you see on 80's tv where you get bitchslapped for breathing after a 4 hour padwork session. it is great fun and will do you the world of good as it works on your cardiovascular endurance and will help you build up muscle mass, on just about every muscle in your body. a very good all round exercise. a good club wont make you train too much harder than your comfortable with they should just push you out of your cmofort zone as to make good improvement. you should pick up the basics quite fast but dont be discouraged if it takes a while to master some of the moves. i strongly suggest giving it a try i really loved it and you meet loads of new people and have so much fun. anyway i will stop rambleing now.
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    Cheers both - really helpful replies :) I know there are classes being run near me so I might just go along once and see how I get on. I'll bear your advice in mind. I'll keep you posted :thumb:
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