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Hi! Im having a bit of a hard time at the moment..things have been happening at home and now im thinking about breaking up the 8month relationsip with my boyfreind. I really dont no what to do though, hes well id say my 'first love' and i do still love him, but i dont think im entirely satisfied with him. He is the sweetest person ive ever met, hes perfect for me but then how happy is he actually making me feel if im thinking about breaking up with him? i really dont know what to do at the moment whether to stay with him or finish it and possibly regret it, but then if i dont do it how will i know if i'll be happy without him? Any advice will be great thanx! Luv Cinderella :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


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    Hmmmm confusing stuff, are you thinking about breaking up with him because of what is happening to you at home, or do you think you would have had wanted to break up with him anyway?

    In a way, I don't think anyone is ever entirely satisfied with their partners, but you still have feelings for the guy and it sounds as if you care about each other very much

    Perhaps it would be a good idea just to have some space from each other at the moment, then you can decide whether you prefer things on your own, or if you realise how much you miss him. Maybe that could help

    hth xxx
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    I broke up with my girlfriend of two years coz she wasn't making me happy anymore. And now i'm feeling great. Like you i had other problems at home too but it is really touch and go. Just remember that boyfriends/girlfriends come and go, family and friends are there forever.
    Probably wasn't much help, but at the end of the day it's really up to you. -x-
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    That's kind of a predicament, eh? Well, if you're having any doubts at all about your relationship, that's not a good thing. Maybe you're just a little confused because all the excitement and happiness of a new relationship has kind of faded a little. It's kind of a down point in every relationship when you start to question if the relationship is still really worth it....and the only way to find out if the relationship is really worth it is to stick it out. I don't know. Maybe you should ask him how he's feeling about your relationship. It's possible that maybe you guys just need something new and exciting to come into your relationship (do ya THINK i could say "maybe" a little more??). On the other hand, if it's not right for both people, then it's not right at all...Think about what he could do to make you happier. If you can't think of anything then maybe you're just getting bored with the relationship. Nothing wrong with that, but it's kinda not a viable reason to break up with someone. Time to group your thoughts!!!!:rolleyes:
    Good luck!! let us know how it goes!
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    Imagine 'sorry I can't go out with you anymore, but i don't really have a reason'. I've felt like this before, but honestly just wait a while and see if what you;re feeling now is actually what u want. Be careful, just follow your heart.... :-)
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