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Giving Notice

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Firstly, I hate my job. I have never signed a contract for my position and got the job through a recruitment agency. I would like to give only two weeks notice as I have found further employment. I am so scared about giving in my notice, how do I even start writing it? I have hated it from the start and have purposely not reminded them that I need to sign my contact. I have been there 3 months on Monday. The recruitment agency have also informed me that I only need to give a week. I'm so scared I'm going to have a battle on my hands Monday morning as I know the notice period is normally a month. Please can you help with ideas of what to say in my notice letter and also how to organise a meeting? I always stick with my jobs and have always left under good terms and given notice by via verbal with written after and has been really easy. Please Help!:banghead:


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    I think if the agency is saying that you only have to give a week, that's all you have to give, as you work for the agency, not for the company, if that makes sense? It is then the agency's responsibility to notify the people who you do the work for. I have just resigned a job with an agency (due to getting another job) and I just had to tell the agency and then I will have to go in an sign a 'leavers form'. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
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    It may depend on the type of agency work and whether or not you're still employed and paid through the agency or not. Still, regardless of that it's worth bearing in mind a few things -

    * Leaving a job is a perfectly normal part of any employment. It's not something you need to feel bad about and it's certainly your employer will be used to.

    * Actually writing a notice letter is really just the formality that follows a conversation with your manager. if you want to you could write out a simple letter saying you've decided to leave your work and the date you intend to leave - but your manager should be able to discuss with you exactly what to say and if the company needs you to write anything else.

    * So - following on from that - the most important thing is to organise a meeting with your line manager and take it from there. If you don't have a contract and the agency says it's just a week then they have to accept this.

    * Expect there to be some confusion or disappointment if the notice period is normally a month - but just let them know you checked with the agency and if it feels right you could point out you are actually giving them an extra week.

    * It might be worth, if you want to aleviate some of the issues around a short notice period, to sit down and think about how you can prepare to hand over your role to someone else. That way you've got some suggestions on how to make the process easier when speaking to them.
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    Thank you for all your advice. It did not go so well as my manager became quite angry however later apologised to me for his behavior. It is such a relief and am very happy to be moving on and starting the job I wish to to do!:D
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