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An idea for fashion/jewellery design students

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Flat Fashion

You know how useful a sarong is on holiday – you can use it as a skirt, headscarf and we’ve all seen people do that thing where they make a top out of it by twisting the ends round their neck. What if you could do a lot more with it?

The idea following occurred to me on holiday one time, but fashion design isn’t a strong point with me so I thought I’d just put the idea on this blog so anyone who wanted to run with it could, might be useful as a project starting point for a fashion design or jewellery design student.

The idea of Flat Fashion is to design a set of accessories so you can make more interesting creations with sarongs (and other flat pieces of material). As I said, I’m no fashion designer so I haven’t tried to do this, but I’m thinking along the lines of possibly a ring that would convert a bandeau type bikini top (made from a sarong wrapped round your chest) into one with more shape. Maybe buckle shaped pieces, would an S shaped piece help to make interesting sarong creations? I also got the idea from the intricate folding that makes a sari stay where its put and the fact that Romans and Saxons wore quite simple clothes held in place with decorative brooches, buckles and pins.

So, first thing to do is to research clothing past or present, that relies on folding or brooches/pins. Then, start experimenting with interesting ways to wear a sarong (you could also use smaller scarves for variety) and design maybe half a dozen attachments/accessories which could be used to help create a variety of ways of wearing a sarong (scarf etc.) You might not want to stop at clothes but design attachments to turn a sarong onto a bag for example.

Produce a leaflet/booklet of the ways you’ve invented (or a downloadable web pdf) and then the basic set of attachments can be customised to various styles. There could be for example a bling set, or a carved wood set, the designs are added to the basic set of attachments (like, for example in jewellery, you can have a gold bangle or a silver bangle or a wood bangle – but it still basically a bangle).

From the marketing point of view the designer just needs to sell the rights to make the patented attachments to various costume jewellery and fashion chains. There’s scope to have them made in craft collectives with Fair Trade certification if the designer wanted to give the rights to them. Or sets made in pewter or copper or ‘celtic style’ (for example) from the various tourist boards. It would be possible to make a larger set of attachments if a company wanted to put matching flip flops with the attachments for example.

There are other advantages to wearing flat pieces of material. Cheaper, easier to iron, fold and pack and you can wear all that beautiful ethnic material you bought on holiday as a souvenir.

And that’s about it for the idea. Anyone who wants to run with it is more than welcome – good luck. (It won't be possible to patent the idea as it is already in the public domain but it may be possible to patent your designs).


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    This is a good information about fashion and style. Some valuable information i suppose
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