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Help! job!

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I have been doing my very boring, dend end job for 3 years and 9 months - i detest it as it doesnt give me anything to look forward to or wanting me to go into a managerial position.

I was planning to leave 4 months ago (one of those "i will leave by febuary") but my motavational level is low and when looking for jobs i allways go over the "these jobs want managers and i cant do that!" going through my head. I've been looking online, newspapers but nothing

I really need a decent (and well paid job as i hate being stuck on £5 a hour) but have no idea what i can do - i need some advise (hard i know)

I can see me doing nothing for the rest of my life - and that sucks!

I also want to live my life, i havent dont anything since leaving school that i can say to people that i done, travel and working (probs in canada east side) would be great but having debts that suck up my wage leaves me nothing. Whats the best way of getting out of the UK?


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    As far as I can see the best way to become a manager is to go up internally in a company. I guess it's just about making the right careers decisions at the end of the day. Personally, I'm trying to blag it a bit, because I know some companies are a bit more personal about recruitment, so if you know the people in the company - not necessarily as mates but in a professional manner - you stand a better chance than billy no mates.

    In London at least higher up networking accounts probably for over half of promotions (thats speculation on my part but everyone I've ever spoken to has said networking networking networking to me), it's not what you know it's who you know... :/ I got awarded an internship the day after my interview a week or two ago... might have helped possibly that I knew the guy interviewing me (not direct corruption but basically they 'trust' you more and are more likely to choose you over someone else as a result)

    Honestly I would look around though you have nearly 4 years experience that must be good for something, even if it's just a trainee managerial position thats better than being in a dead end job :) 'the only way is up!'.
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