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Heart Problems- Im getting obsessed.

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Hi everyone, well I guess you'll know if you look at the other boards that I had some pretty bad news the other day as one of my friends died in his sleep at 18. The autopsy was inconclusive and more tests are being done and its a fair understatement too say it shook me up. I know its normal when something like that happens too make you think about things too do with yourself but I dont know if Im obsessing.

I keep feeling slight pains in my chest- only really since I heard the news. I mean last year I went to the doctors as I had pulpatations which he said was due to stress and they did go. I mean I got pains before very occasionally when out of breath or whatever but nothing too bad. But like I said Im getting these pains now and its worrying me. I went to the doctors on Tuesday and he took my blood pressure and heartbeat and said it was normal. When I tried too expplain he mentioned things like stitch etc and I dotn know if he understood what I meant or if he labelled me as just being in shock and imagining it which I am definitely not. Anyway he said I could have an ECG (Heart-Trace) on friday which I gues is good- Ive had one before. But Im really worrying myself as its on the left side of my chest where my heart is and I keep thinking about my friend and everything and how I used to eat so unhealthyly before. Im not unfit, hardly inactive although not really active. Im meant too be the perfect weight and BMI for my size but Im just getting paranoid and obsessed. Im feeling guilty worrying about myself when something like this just happened but I cant help it. The doctor didnt seem to understand what I was saying and I think my family are thinking its in my head. I know it isnt, although maybe Im causing it by keep thinking about it. Will a ECG see ANYTHING that could be a problem? Goooooood, Im sorry if Ive gone on- Im just worrying myself now, its bad enough being worried to go to sleep and I cant get too sleep for hours on end but the doctor wouldnt give me anything, just "time" is what he said. Without worrying about my own health at 18 and feeling pains. Then looking on the internet and reading signs of heart attacks and whatever and seeing "discomfort/pains" everywhere. I even looked at how to deal with it if it happened to anyone- Ive never been this obsessed and although I know myself that its part of whats happened it doesnt stop me worrying so much.
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    Ok, so your friend has just died, you're going to feel out of sorts. Someone dying can remind us of our own mortality which I'm sure you know about.
    The fact that you are going to your doctor is good, making sure that you are in good health can help you to have a basis from which to overcome this obsession (which is quite understandable given the circumstances.)
    Chances are, you are fine. Nothing wrong. But, you could be making yourself ill through the continual worry and stress.
    Grieving is hard enough without additional worries.

    What happened to your friend is very sad, that doesn't mean it is going to happen to you. You can have a quality of life, but at the moment you are so concerned about the idea that there may be something wrong that you aren't living as such.

    I think you should explain your worries to your doctor, what you've just told us.
    He will be best able to advise you.

    Sometimes concentrating on yourself can be a way with dealing with the pain, it occupies you mind, doesn't give you time for your mind to wonder or contemplate what has happened.
    I can only reiterate what others have said, which is that the grief process is different for everyone.
    Maybe it just isn't the right time for you now.

    It's not really your heart you should be worried about, more your mindset and talking to someone could help you sort these things in your head.

    In the meantime, being active, eating healthily means you are being pro-active and you'll have some assurance that you are looking after yourself.
    It will take time, be easy on yourself. Explain your worries to someone you trust and look after yourself.

    I wish I could be of more help, but I hope everything works out.

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