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Having an abortion

PearlyPearly *********Posts: 345 The Mix Regular
Hi all,

I know this is a very sensitive issue, but it would be great if I could get some input from any of you who've been through this if you feel comfortable to do so. I'm researching for a new article on having abortion and how to deal with any feelings you may have before and after.

We have an article discussing the legal side of abortion, but until now we haven't covered what the abortion actually involves and the emotional impact it can have on you, so it would be great if anyone can offer any suggestions or feedback.

I am especially interested to hear from young women who have either had the medical abortion (the pill, which is taken before nine weeks pregnant) or the surgery and what the experience was like for them. Also any experience of having an abortion on the NHS or privately, what was the waiting time for you if you were on the NHS? How much was it privately?

If anyone feels they can help me with the fact sheet and would like to get in touch, please PM me. You can remain anonymous if you wish and if you'd rather email me from an anonymous email that is different to your board user name that is also fine - [email protected]

Many thanks
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