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Job Centre & Apprenticeships

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I always get a bit confused with when you can use them.

I do have a job at the moment... it's part time and minimum wage and I'm getting bored of it and wanting to move on to something more challenging.

Have been thinking about trying to get into Events Management because I think I would enjoy the work, but it seems quite hard to get in to.

Was looking at apprenticeships.org.uk because it says there is an apprenticeship in Events... However it then doesn't tell you anything about it other than to look at jobcentreplus website; which I did... and then that sent me back to the apprenticeships website. So I was wondering about contacting someone at the jobcentre... but what I'm not sure about is if they will only help me if I am unemployed etc etc... Does anyone know how they work?

Also, I'm 20... Some of the stuff I've read about apprenticeships say you have to be under 19 but others say you can be under 24... so I'm really confused. Can anyone shed some light?
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