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Messing up a degree

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if you fuck up your degree for whatever reason, will a university take you on at a later date to try and get a better classification?


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    It probably depends on the circumstances - your own university may allow you to resit your exams possibly but its up to them.

    Another university will probably accept you but you wont' get subsidised fees and will have to pay full whack (i.e. what they charge international students) - i've no idea how much that is this day but probably between £5 - 20K a year depending on your course.

    There is hope though i suffed up one of my finals - by not turning up for it - or rather turning up for it in the afternoon rather than the morning - I cried and was allowed to take it in the afternoon and then had to wait for the exam board to decree weather it was allowed or not.

    i hadn't spoken to anyone about it though - however it was more complicated than that as i was predicted a 1st on a couple of courses including that one - and they amazingly would have allowed me to retake that course in order to get a first if by myself stuffing up and not turning up for the exam and then taking it in the afternoon under some what stressed circumstances had meant that by not getting a first on that course was what was standing in the way between me getting one or not. In the end i stuffed up on another exam (only to the degree of a 2:1) which meant that the exam i had missed did not make or break me getting a first afterall - i got a 2:1 for that exam as well....
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    my course is a one year top up course meaning that every assignment counts towards your classification and i am not doing too well for various reasons. i have to submit my dissertation on thursday which counts for a quarter of the marks towards my final classification and i know it is a pile of tripe. i have had zero motivation since october for a number of reasons and just know i am going to really let myself down.
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