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Running a Marathon and/or Long Routes

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Was just wondering how many people here have run marathons and/or really long races.

I'm hopefully doing the 'Race for Life' in May, which is only 5K. I tend to train with three 3K runs a week as I have only just started, though as from this week I'll be doing two 3K and one 5K and hopefully, time permitting, a 20 minute swim.

I am considering running the London Marathon next year for the Dyspraxia Foundation if I am up for it and have time to train once I start working.

I was wondering if anybody has any advice on nutritian for running as I'm a newbie (I'm vegan, but can easily work out vegan alternatives to what non-vegans consume) and also on training.

What kind of programs do you use?

What is your typical day's food?


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    Typically 60-65% carbs roughly. But carb quantity changes directly with the amount of training you are doing. You should also take on more veg. and more importantly consider protein intake. When you are training you not only need the fuel to complete the task but the protein to repair the working muscles. There are many nutritionist sited on the web you can check out to find meal/snack ideas whilst you train and do events.
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    I've no advice but good luck!
  • C FunkC Funk Deactivated Posts: 163 Helping Hand
    Hey Namaste,

    Training for a marathon can be a really tough test of the body and mind. You'll have to change a few aspects of your lifestyle to achieve your goals.

    First of all you'll need to find out exactly how fit you are and how much training you're going to need to do. Experts reckon you need to be able to jog for 20 minutes at least three times a week to cope with the demands of the training.

    Once you've figured out how fit you are, draw up a training plan. Try and aim to do around three or four runs a week. Three medium runs (40 minutes) and a long one at the weekend (hour and a half).

    I would recommend starting mild training at least six months before the marathon and work your way up. Aim to do one two-to-three seperate hour runs once a week the last month before the race.

    Remember to rest your body when you're not training and maintain a healthy diet. Eat lots of foods like pasta and fish.

    I've done three half marathons in the past three years and found them very demanding. Perhaps think about having a go at doing a half marathon before you jump into the deep end to see how you cope.

    There are loads of training guides on the net and I'd advise reading them before you start your training.

    Hope this helps and good luck :thumb:
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    I really wanna start running again to get myself all fit for the Marines.
    Unfortunately,due to all the runing I did a few years ago Ive got a few injuries I picked up that like to flare up whenever I try to train.
    At the moment though after starting last week all the old injuries are fine as long as I start gentle,but now Ive got a frigging shin splint!!!:banghead:
    I only ran 20mins mon and 10 mins weds and fri...:crying:

    As for training for a 5k,if you can easily run a 5k itself on training Id advise doing 3 of them a week and keep building it up to 10k in a few weeks.Lots of pasta,baked potatoes and tuna with it.:thumb:

    Oh,and try interval and fartlek running too.
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