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First date in a very long time and I'm nervous....

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I had a really bad relationship before and haven't been really attracted to anybody since.

The last couple of days though my friend and I decided to try out internet dating and see what would happen. I posted an advert and got loads of replies.

One in fact piqued my interest and we spent a bit of time talking on MSN about loads of stuff and we're meeting for a drink tomorrow.

We're meeting in a public place, my friends are going to be there (and he knows, he said that if I hadn't said anything he would have advised me to). He seems really nice and I'm excited. I'm so nervous though.

It's been so long since I went on a date or anything like that I'm terrified about how to act. We've already talked a bit online, as I mentioned, but I'm a bit worried about moving this into the "real world".

Also he's quite hot, intelligent (from the topics of conversation we've had) etc. I'm kind of worried he's a little too good to be true (based on my previous experience)

Has anybody had any experience with online dating? Did it end up good? Any advice would be wonderful!


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    I don't have any experience of internet dating first hand but one of my best mates had a faceparty account and got talking to a guy in the next town and they met up and really hit it off. THey only broke up about a month ago but they were together for nearly two years so sometimes it does go well.

    Have a glass of wine or something for extra confidence and just enjoy it, if you chatted enough online then you should be fine in real life.
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    I hadnt ever been on a serious date with anyone until last decmeber when i met up with a girl who i had spoken to online. (I met her through a friend)

    Id say try and be yourself, dont try to hard and dont lie, cos it will come back and bite you on the bum in the future!!

    Just take it easy and relax, and if you both like each other itll go from there!!

    Good luck:thumb:
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    Hi StarCrossed,

    Sounds like you've got things well figured out already, by meeting him in a public place and with your friends present. Sometimes, if you're not sure how something it might go, it's worth setting up some sort of code-word with your friends which which is their excuse to drag you away early if you're feeling uncomfortable.

    Another thing - and this is from experience of meeting up with people I've only chatted to online - ask what colour shirt he's going to be wearing or if there's anything distinctive he'll have with him... even if you've seen photos of someone online, they may look slightly different in real life, and it saves any awkwardness of wondering is that him or isn't it.

    It sounds like the two of you have got on really well online, but sometimes meeting in person can be like starting over, so things may not be perfect straight away. He's probably quite nervous about meeting you to, and wondering how you will be in real life - so you've probably got some common ground there in addition to the topics you've spoken about online.

    As JustThinking and Lucasino have said, just try to be yourself and enjoy the experience!

    Hope it goes well :)
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    Ah this is where i belong.

    Try not to think of it as a date but as a meeting, "dates" only add to the pressure. For me a date happens after we meet up and i get to talk to the person, allowing me to get past just her looks and see if i like them.
    wearing something casual will show that you are relaxed, just make sure you still look nice :thumb:
    Having your friends not being involved in the conversation is a must. this is about the two of you. Being comfortable is a contagious feeling, reflecting this will also make him comfortable (Scientific fact)

    Overall you have the upper hand in this meeting :) , just enjoy it.
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    You've got just as much chance of meeting a pyscho through a friend or at work as you do on the internet. You'll have your mates with you, so good luck.
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    I met my fella on here, so it is pretty similar

    We are still together

    It was scary when we met, but after a while it just becomes comfortable, so I have everything crossed for you.

    Make sure your mates hang back though, you dont want them cramping your style :p
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    Star-crossed, how did it go? I've got a date with someone from the Internet tomorrow and am just as nervous as you sounded...

    Hope everything turned out well for you. I've been on a few Internet dates before, two of which turned out to be serious relationships. In fact, I've had more luck with guys online than I've had with the ones I meet in "real" life!

    Would love to hear how it went!
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